Project: 9165 Taebaek Wind Park (Hasami Samcheok) CDM Project - Issuance Request
Project 9165: Taebaek Wind Park (Hasami Samcheok) CDM Project
ISSUANCE STATUS Provisional (awaiting guidance from the CMP at CMP 16)   completeness check: complete | info & rep check: concluded
Monitoring period 01 Jan 21 - 31 Dec 21
Monitoring report Monitoring report (750 KB)
Request for issuance Signed form (99 KB)
Amount of CERs CERs from 01 Jan 2021: 23,397
Verification and certification reports VVS/VVM version: VVS-PA 3.0
Certification report (674 KB)
Verification report (674 KB)
Additional documents MR_Taebaek Wind Park (Ref. 9165)_1st MP (774 KB)
ER Spreadsheet_Taebaek Wind Park (Ref. 9165)_1st MP (240 KB)