Project: 2437 Skopje Cogeneration Project - History
Project 2437: Skopje Cogeneration Project
Request for review Request 1
Request 2
Request 3

EB meeting: EB48
(at which the Board considers the request(s) for review, decides whether to undertake the review and, if so, determine its scope and selects a review team)

Initial comments:
SGS and PP Final Response Letter to Request for Review (126 KB)
Reference 7a (94 KB)
Reference 47 (725 KB)
Reference 53 (73 KB)
Reference 77 (25 KB)
Skopje Investment Analysis 090129 (126 KB)
Annex 6- Skopje Investment Analysis 090615 (172 KB)
Te To (1959 KB)
Review Scope (96 KB)

EB meeting: EB49
(at which the report of the review team was/will be considered)

Data before corrections

CDM-PDD project design document (2798 KB)
Validation Report Validation report (616 KB)