Project: 2793 Santana I SHP CDM Project (JUN 1118) - History
Project 2793: Santana I SHP CDM Project (JUN 1118)
Request for review Request 1
Request 2
Request 3

EB meeting: EB51
(at which the Board considers the request(s) for review, decides whether to undertake the review and, if so, determine its scope and selects a review team)

Initial comments:
Additional information (72 KB)
Additional information PP (58 KB)
Senistivity analysis (763 KB)

Data before corrections

CDM-PDD project design document (505 KB)

PDD appendices
Appendix 1 - PCH Santana CER (251 KB)
Appendix 2 - PCH Santana IRR (104 KB)
Appendix 3 - PCH Santana Selic Rate (425 KB)
Validation Report Validation report (936 KB)