Registration Request for Review Form

CDM project activity/programme of activities
registration request review form (CDM-REGR-FORM)
(Version 03.0)

Reference number of the proposed CDM project activity/programme of activities (PoA) submitted for registration4630
Title of the proposed CDM project activity/PoA submitted for registrationShaanxi Haiyan Coke Making Group 24MW Waste Coke Oven Gas (COG) Based Electricity Generation Plant
Please indicate, in accordance with paragraphs 37 and 40 of the CDM modalities and procedures, which validation requirement(s) may require review. A list of requirements is provided below. Please provide reasons in support of the request for review. Including any supporting documentation.
The following are requirements derived from paragraph 37 of the CDM modalities and procedures:
The participation requirements as set out in paragraph 28 to 30 of the CDM modalities and procedures are satisfied;

Comments by local stakeholders have been invited, a summary of the comments received has been provided, and a report to the designated operational entity (DOE) on how due account was taken of any comments has been received;

Project Participants have submitted to the DOE documentation on the analysis of the environmental impacts of the project activity, including transboundary impacts and, if those impacts are considered significant by the project participants or the host Party, have undertaken an environmental impact assessment in accordance with procedures as required by the host Party;

The project activity is expected to result in a reduction in anthropogenic emissions by sources of greenhouse gases that are additional to any that would occur in the absence of the proposed project activity, in accordance with paragraphs 43 to 52 of the CDM modalities and procedures;

The baseline and monitoring methodologies comply with requirements pertaining to methodologies previously approved by the Executive Board;

Provisions for monitoring, verification and reporting are in accordance with decision 17/CP.7, the CDM modalities and procedures and relevant decisions of the COP/MOP;

The project activity conforms to all other requirements for CDM project activities in decision 17/CP.7, the CDM modalities and procedures and relevant decisions by the COP/MOP and the Executive Board.
The following are requirements derived from paragraph 40 of the CDM modalities and procedures:
The DOE shall, prior to the submission of the validation report to the Executive Board, have received from the project participants written approval of voluntary participation from the designated national authority of each Party involved, including confirmation by the host Party that the project activity assists it in achieving sustainable development;

In accordance with provisions on confidentiality contained in paragraph 27(h) of the CDM modalities and procedures, the DOE shall make publicly available the project design document;

The DOE shall receive, within 30 days, comments on the validation requirements from Parties, stakeholders and UNFCCC accredited non-governmental organizations and make them publicly available;

After the deadline for receipt of comments, the DOE shall make a determination as to whether, on the basis of the information provided and taking into account the comments received, the project activity should be validated;

The DOE shall inform project participants of its determination on the validation of the project activity. Notification to the project participants will include confirmation of validation and the date of submission of the validation report to the Executive Board;

The DOE shall submit to the Executive Board, if it determines the proposed project activity to be valid, a request for registration in the form of a validation report including of the project design document, the written approval of the host Party and an explanation of how it has taken due account of comments received.
There are only minor issues which should be addressed by the DOE/project participants prior to the registration of the project.
Additional information
1) The DOE is requested to how the annual O&M cost considered in the investment analysis can be considered suitable, in particular  :
a) The fuel cost of waste gas (Coke Oven Gas) as the baseline scenario represents the release of  waste gas into the atmosphere after incineration and the coke production lines are owned by the project participant itself.
b) How the evidences and sources of information used to cross check other sub-items of annual O&M are applicable and suitable to the project activity.   Please refer to EB 60 meeting report, Paragraph 93 and VVM, v01.2, paragraph 113(c)..

2) The DOE should further substantiate the elimination of W5 baseline option (a portion of the waste gas produced at the facility  is captured and used for the captive electricity generation, while the rest of the  waste gas produced at the facility is vented/flared). In doing so, the DOE should explain whether the baseline option has prohibitive barriers or is clearly economic unattractive, as required by applied methodology. Please refer to step 3 of identification of baseline scenarios of ACM0012 v3.2..

3) The DOE is requested to further substantiate how it has validated the suitability of  Method 3 Case 1 selected to calculate fcap in accordance with the requirements of applied methodology. In doing so, the DOE should further clarify : 
(a) What  evidences are used to confirm that the measurements of waste energy and enthalpy based on  temperature, pressure and gas flow in the waste gas pipe is technically difficult.
(b) Whether Method 3 Case 2 is applicable to the project given that the energy is recovered from WECM and converted into final output energy through intermediate energy recovery equipments, waste gas boilers using intermediate source (steam). Please refer to capping of baseline emissions section of ACM0012 v3.2 ( page 24)..
Date 11 Feb 12