Issuance Request for Review Form

CDM project activity/programme of activities
issuance request review form (CDM-ISSR-FORM)
(Version 03.0)

Project title of the project activity or programme of activities (PoA) for which issuance is requestedN2O decomposition project of PetroChina Company Limited Liaoyang Petrochemical Company (1238)
DOE that requested for issuance and date of requestSGS (20 Aug 09)
Please indicate, in accordance with paragraphs 65 of the CDM modalities and procedures, for which reason(s) you request review
Please indicate reasons for the request for review
The DOE is requested to clarify: How it was verified the capped AdOH production, due to the actual accumulated production is 140,095.39 t above the value defined in the registered PDD (140,000t/year), based on EB48 guidance on operational rate.
Date 31 Oct 09