Project: 2909 Sichuan Heishui Zhawo No.1 Hydropower Project - History
Project 2909: Sichuan Heishui Zhawo No.1 Hydropower Project
Request for review Request 1
Request 2
Request 3

EB meeting: EB52
(at which the Board considers the request(s) for review, decides whether to undertake the review and, if so, determine its scope and selects a review team)

Initial comments:
Joint response (39 KB)
Ref-1 Notice of stopping the construction of the proposed project.pdf (231 KB)
Ref-3 Tunnel Construction Temination Agreement.pdf (553 KB)
Ref-2 Powerhouse Termination Contract.pdf (1401 KB)
Ref-4 Meeting minutes (232 KB)
Ref-5 Hydro Turbine Purchase Cotract (1442 KB)
Ref-6 PPA (3394 KB)
Ref-7 Audit Report (1790 KB)
Ref-8 shareholder evidence (1400 KB)
Review Scope (132 KB)

EB meeting: EB53
(at which the report of the review team was/will be considered)