PoA 7470 : Nuru Lighting Programme
PoA title Nuru Lighting Programme
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Initially submitted at the time of requesting registration of the POA:
- Nuru Lighting Programme NEAL-KEN-01

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Host Parties Kenya , involved indirectly approval (136 KB)
Other Parties Involved United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland , involved indirectly approval (42 KB) authorization (42 KB)
Authorized Participants: Merrill Lynch Commodities (Europe) Limited (withdrawn)
Coordinating/Managing Entity Nuru Energy East Africa
Sectoral scopes 1 : Energy industries (renewable - / non-renewable sources)
Activity Scale SMALL
Methodology Used AMS-III.AR. ver. 2 - Substituting fossil fuel based lighting with LED/CFL lighting systems
Standardized baselines used N/A
VVS Version
Amount of Reductions (PoA) 34,294 metric tonnes CO2 equivalent per annum
Amount of Reductions (Initial CPAs) 34,294 metric tonnes CO2 equivalent per annum
Fee level USD 5358.8
Validation Report Validation report (1248 KB)
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Modalities of Communication
MoC Annex 1
Modalities of Communication valid as of 06/11/2013

MoC Annex 2 (Withdraw Project Participant) valid as of 26/05/2015
Registration Date 03 Oct 12  
Renewal Period 03 Oct 12 - 02 Oct 19
PoA Duration 31 Jan 12 - 30 Jan 40
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