PoA 10642 : Multi-country Sustainable Waste Management Programme of Activities
PoA title Multi-country Sustainable Waste Management Programme of Activities
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SDC description report Not Available. Please refer to our Further Information on SD-Tool
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Host Parties Colombia , involved indirectly approval (661 KB) authorization (661 KB)
Authorized Participants: ALLCOT AG
Other Parties Involved n/a
Coordinating/Managing Entity ALLCOT AG
DOE LGAI Tech. Center S.A
Sectoral scopes 1 : Energy industries (renewable - / non-renewable sources)
13 : Waste handling and disposal
Activity Scale LARGE
Methodology Used AMS-III.G. ver. 10 - Landfill methane recovery
ACM0001 ver. 19 - Flaring or use of landfill gas
AMS-I.D. ver. 18 - Grid connected renewable electricity generation
Standardized baselines used N/A
VVS Version VVS-PoA 2.0
Amount of Reductions (PoA) N/A
Amount of Reductions (Initial CPAs) N/A
Fee level USD 20000.0
Validation Report Validation report (3525 KB)
Public availability information
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Modalities of Communication
MoC Annex 1
Modalities of Communication valid as of 12/11/2021
Registration Date 30 Dec 20  
Renewal Period 30 Dec 20 - 29 Dec 27
PoA Duration 27 Feb 20 - 26 Feb 48
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Submission date Outcome
29 Dec 20 CC complete | I&R incomplete