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Programme of Activities 00009007: Distribution of Improved Cook Stoves in Sub-Saharan Africa
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ISSUANCE STATUS Issued   | info & rep check: concluded
Issuance date 06 Oct 2020
Monitoring period 01 Sep 2018 - 30 Nov 2019
Monitoring report Monitoring Report -PoA 9007 MP02_Ver 03.1.pdf (555 KB)
Request for issuance CDM-POA-ISS-FORM_9007 - Inc..pdf (42 KB)
Issuance request number 9007-MP2-IRP1
Amount of CERs
Host Party CERs issued CP2 CERs available to be forwarded under CP2
Zambia 19,415 19,415
Malawi 220,612 31,736
Total 240,027 51,151
Serial Range: Block start: MW-5-2225742-2-2-0-9007     Block end: MW-5-2446353-2-2-0-9007  Serial Range: Block start: ZM-5-1485985-2-2-0-9007     Block end: ZM-5-1505399-2-2-0-9007  
Verification and certification reports VVS/VVM version: VVS-PoA 2.0
Final Verification Report- PoA 9007 MP02_ver03.1.pdf (451 KB)
Final Certification Report- PoA 9007 MP02_ver03.1.pdf (451 KB)
Additional documents PoA 9007_ER Sheet - MP02_ver 03.xlsx (21 MB)
Sample Size Calculation (Malawi).xlsx (111 KB)
Sample Size Calculation (Zambia).xlsx (114 KB)
Request for review Request 1
Request 2
Request 3

EB meeting: EB107 (at which the Board considers the request(s) for review, decides whether to undertake the review and, if so, determine its scope and selects a review team)
Review Documentation
Final Certification Report- PoA 9007 MP02_ver02.2_Clean.pdf (454 KB) Certification report
Final Verification Report- PoA 9007 MP02_ver02.2_Clean.pdf (454 KB) Verification report
Sample Size Calculation (Malawi)1.xlsx (111 KB) Other
Sample Size Calculation (Zambia)1.xlsx (114 KB) Other

Previous submissions

Submission date Outcome
30 Mar 20 CC complete
30 Mar 20 I&R incomplete