Project: 5067 Improved Cooking Stoves for Nigeria Programme of Activities - Request for post-registration changes
Project 5067 Improved Cooking Stoves for Nigeria Programme of Activities
PRC ref PRC-5067-003
Process track Renewal
Methodology(ies) and/or Standardized Baseline(s)
applied at the post-registration changes
Change a version of methodology
Methodology(ies) list AMS-II.G. ver. 10 - Energy efficiency measures in thermal applications of non-renewable biomass
Standardized baseline(s) list
DOE conducted validation of the changes Combined with a request for renewal of crediting period (See footnote 2 below)
Type of submission Permanent changes from the monitoring plan or the monitoring methodology
  • All changes are in Appendix 1 of the CDM project standard? No

Changes to the project or programme design
  • Changes have an impact on: Use of positive lists or related provisions is introduced or modified based on the valid version of approved tools pertaining to demonstration of additionality of small-scale or microscale project activities, A revision to the eligibility criteria pertaining to the demonstration of additionality
Applicable crediting period 10 Nov 18 - 09 Nov 25
Assessment opinion Assessment opinion (945 KB)
Revised PDD   Revised PDD - track changes (3343 KB)
Supplementary documents
Signed form Signed form (245 KB)
DOE clarification
VVS version VVS-PoA 2.0
Current status 15 Oct 20 - Approved
Effective approval date: 15 Oct 20
Historic statuses 16 Sep 20 - Request published