Project: 9265 Top Third Ventures Stove Programme - Request for post-registration changes
Project 9265 Top Third Ventures Stove Programme
PRC ref PRC-9265-001
Process track Prior approval
Methodology(ies) and/or Standardized Baseline(s)
applied at the post-registration changes
No changes
Methodology(ies) list
Standardized baseline(s) list
DOE conducted validation of the changes Prior to commencement of a verification for the project activity or PoA stated above
Type of submission Corrections that do not affect project design
  • All changes are in Appendix 1 of the CDM project standard?

Permanent changes from the monitoring plan or the monitoring methodology
  • All changes are in Appendix 1 of the CDM project standard? No

Changes to the project or programme design
  • Changes have an impact on: Changes to the programme boundary to expand geographical coverage, Include additional host Parties, Use of positive lists or related provisions is introduced or modified based on the valid version of approved tools pertaining to demonstration of additionality of small-scale or microscale project activities, Geographical boundary of the PoA is expanded within the host Party or to include one or more host Parties, A revision to the eligibility criteria pertaining to the demonstration of additionality
Applicable crediting period 27 Dec 12 - 26 Dec 19
Assessment opinion Assessment opinion (692 KB)
Revised PDD Revised PDD (6140 KB)   Revised PDD - track changes (6972 KB)
Supplementary documents Appendix 1 - Letter of Approval.pdf (779 KB)
Signed form Signed form (249 KB)
DOE clarification
VVS version VVS-PoA 2.0
Current status 12 Sep 19 - Approved
Effective approval date: 11 Sep 19
Historic statuses 05 Aug 19 - Published
05 Aug 19 - Summary note being prepared
22 Aug 19 - Awaiting EB decision