Conflict of Interest (EB80)
Discussion item\Member
Amjad Abdulla
Daniel Ortega-Pacheco
Diana Harutyunyan
Eduardo Calvo
Frank Wolke
Hugh Sealy
Hussein Badarin
Josť Domingos Gonzalez Miguez
Kadio Ahossane
Kazunari Kainou
Laksmi Dhewanthi
Lambert Schneider
Maosheng Duan
Martin Enderlin
Natalie Kushko
Olivier Kassi
Qazi Ahmad
Tosi Mpanu Mpanu
Washington Zhakata
Accreditation cases

E-0007 Japan Consulting Institute (JCI)
(Withdrawal of accreditation)


E-0040 Korea Environment Corporation (KECO)
(Partial withdrawal of accreditation)

PoA registration - Request for review case

9593 Demand side energy efficiency measures in building lighting systems
Host Party: Singapore
Other parties: n/a
Project Participants: UGL Services Premas Operations Limited

PoA - Request for post-registration changes

5336 Efficient Cook Stove Programme: Kenya
Host Party: Kenya
Other parties: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Project Participants: co2balance UK Limited ; The Grass Roots Group UK Ltd.


  • grey cell - member not present at the meeting
  • * - member has made the conflict of interest declaration to the UNFCCC secretariat
  • X - member declared a conflict of interest
  • number - member made a special statement with regard to conflict of interest (see below)