Conflict of Interest (EB82)
Discussion item\Member
Amjad Abdulla
Arthur Rolle
Balisi Gopolang
Daegyun Oh
Diana Harutyunyan
Eduardo Calvo
Frank Wolke
Hugh Sealy
Joseph Amougou
Josť Domingos Gonzalez Miguez *
Kazunari Kainou
Lambert Schneider
Maosheng Duan
Martin Enderlin
Muhammad Tariq
Natalie Kushko
Olivier Kassi
Piotr Dombrowicki
Washington Zhakata
Accreditation cases

E-0002 JACO CDM Ltd. (JACO)
(Notification on withdrawal of accreditation)


E-0003 DNV Climate Change Services AS (DNV)
(Notification on withdrawal of accreditation)


E-0040 Korea Environment Corporation (KECO)
(Notification on withdrawal of accreditation)


E-0045 Ernst & Young Associés (France) (EYG)
(Notification on withdrawal of accreditation)


E-0049 Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE)
(Notification on withdrawal of accreditation)


E-0058 Foundation for Industrial Development (MASCI))

Methodology cases - Large Scale (MP)

Proposed Standardised Baseline for Methane Emissions from Rice Cultivation in the Republic of the Philippines (PSB0019)
Host Party: Philippines
Other Parties: n/a
Developer of the standardized baseline: United Nations Development Programme; Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd


  • grey cell - member not present at the meeting
  • * - member has made the conflict of interest declaration to the UNFCCC secretariat
  • X - member declared a conflict of interest
  • number - member made a special statement with regard to conflict of interest (see below)
Special statements:

1. Daegyun Oh: I have no direct relation to KECO, but the part of work area of my organization may be related to the work area of KECO's work area not included in DOE work.