LGAI Technological Center, S.A.
Title E-0032. LGAI Technological Center, S.A.
Status Designated Operational Entity
Scope of accreditation Validation: 1, 13
Verification: 1, 13
Declared office(s)

Central Office of the AE/DOE - postal

Address: Campus UAB,
P.O.Box 18
Postal code: E-08193
City: Bellaterra, Barcelona
Country: Spain

Office(s) of outsourced entities - postal

Address: Green Carbon Energy & Environment Services - GCEES
216, Casa Greens, A.B. Road
Postal code: 453771
City: Indore (M.P.)
Country: India
210 Sai Ram Plaza, 63 Mangal Nagar
Postal code: 452001
City: Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Country: India
Declaration of other offices (CDM-DOO-FORM): CDM-DOO-FORM (LGAI Applus+ December 17)_Corrected.pdf (91 KB) 07.12.2017 14:44:06
Contact persons Agustín Calle de Miguel
Tel: +34 667 185 353
E-mail: agustin.calle@applus.com

Carla Debat Mollevi
Tel: +34 935 672 008
E-mail: carla.debat@applus.com
URL www.applus.com
Long description

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