COP 19 media workshops

COP19 Media Workshops

COP 19 media workshops

During the Warsaw Climate Change Conference (COP19 / CMP9) from 11- 22 November, 15 well-established journalists from developing countries will attend a series of media workshops on issues related to the negotiations. Workshop topics include climate finance, loss and damage, market-based approaches to climate change mitigation, adaptation and more. COP19 Media Workshop Schedule

Media workshop webcasts on demand: click "Media Training"

Stories published by the journalists regarding COP19 will be added as they become available.

Date Headlines  
03 November 2013 COP 19, la agenda del clima (Spanish)  
06 November 2013 Funding for tackling climate change to top UN agenda at Warsaw (English)  
06 November 2013 Time is running out to counter adverse impacts of climate change: Christiana Figueres (English)  
07 November 2013 India to put onus of preventing climate change on industrialised countries (English)  
07 November 2013 UN gives recognition to Philippines’ massive financing scheme on sustainable energy (English)  
07 November 2013 Los Tiempos en la COP (Spanish)  
07 November 2013 China Clean Development Mechanism Fund for 2013 UN "Lighthouse Award" (Chinese)  
07 November 2013 UN Climate Change Secretariat announces 2013 lighthouse activities (English)  
07 November 2013 WTO: Greenhouse gas concentrations in atmosphere reach new record (English)  
07 November 2013 UN gives recognition to Philippines’ massive financing scheme on sustainable energy (English)  
10 November 2013 Great Expectations (English)  
10 Novemver 2013 Brasil defende em Varsóvia estímulo para reduções mais ambiciosas de emissões (Portuguese)  
11 November 2013 BLOG: A Caribbean perspective on COP 19 - daily updates (English)  
11 November 2013 BLOG: The climate news mosiac - updates daily (English)  
11 November 2013 'Não pode haver anistia de carbono no mundo' (Portuguese)  
11 November 2013 Warsaw climate meet to focus on emissions (English)  
11 November 2013 País tentará antecipar reduções de CO2 (Portuguese)  
11 November 2013 Philippines storm disaster underscores need for bold climate action - negotiators (English)  
11 November 2013 Climate effects loom large as UN Climate Change Conference opens (English)  
11 November 2013 Tensión, llanto y huelga de hambre inauguran la Cumbre Mundial del Clima (Spanish)  
11 November 2013 VIDEO: Climate change delegation in Poland (English)  
11 November 2013 Vocal Caribbean in Warsaw (English)  
11 November 2013 Dramático inicio de la COP19 (Spanish)  
11 November 2013 VIDEO: Los Tiempos presente en la COP19 (Spanish)  
11 November 2013 VIDEO: Arranca la COP19 en medio de la tragedia (Spanish)  
11 November 2013 Tufão inspira discursos na Conferência do Clima (Portuguese)  
11 November 2013 African civil society at UN Climate Conference demands for finance, emission budget (English)  
11 November 2013 Philippines storm disaster underscores need for bold climate action - negotiators (English)  
11 November 2013 Ciro di Costanzo desde la COP-19 en Varsovia, Polonia (Spanish)  
12 November 2013 Pakistan struggles for influence at UN climate talks (English)  
12 November 2013 Todos ganamos o todos perdemos (Spanish)  
12 November 2013 VIDEO: UN talks focus on nuclear energy (English)  
12 November 2013 Public financing not enough to bankroll climate challenges, says IETA report  
12 November 2013 ONGs se juntam a filipino em greve de fome por ações mais concretas na COP (Portuguese)  
12 November 2013 Cien activistas se suman a la huelga de hambre del delegado de Filipinas (Spanish)  
12 November 2013 'O todos ganamos, o todos perdemos', afirman en COP19 (Spanish)  
12 November 2013 U.N. Climate Conference Opens in Warsaw (Chinese)  
12 November 2013 Huelga de Hambre Colectiva (Spanish)  
13 November 2013 Developed nations back out on earlier commitments at Warsaw climate meet (English)  
13 November 2013 Devastation in the Philippines forms backdrop to climate change talks in Poland (English)  
13 November 2013 Caribbean delegation small but vocal at climate talks in Warsaw (English)  
13 November 2013 89% of Polish citizens vote for increased power production from renewable energy sources (English)  
13 November 2013 Haiti most affected by climate change (English)  
13 November 2013 Los Tiempos en exclusiva con la líder de la Unfccc (Portuguese)  
13 November 2013 Civil Society Group Joins Philippines Envoy in Fast (Chinese)  
13 November 2013 Warsaw Conference: CAN calls for reduction in carbon pollution levels (English)  
13 November 2013 Deadly typhoon: 50 people fast in solidarity with Philippines (English)  
13 November 2013 U.N. Climate Meet: “It’s About Survival” (English)  
13 November 2013 Terminar disputas ‘tontas’ sobre el clima y actuar, exige Banco Mundial (Spanish)  
13 November 2013 VIDEO: COP19 ahonda tragedia en Filipinas (Spanish)  
13 November 2013 VIDEO: Los Tiempos en la COP19 (Spanish)  
13 November 2013 Los Tiempos en exclusiva con la líder de la Unfccc (Spanish)  
13 November 2013 Activistas ayunan por un pacto climático (Spanish)  
14 November 2013 WMO: 2013 among top 10 warmest years since 1850 (English)  
14 November 2013 PHOTOS: Greenpeace demonstration (Chinese)  
14 November 2013 KTN Prime: Climate Change : 2013 is among the top ten warmest years since 1850 (English)  
14 November 2013 Coal summit during U.N. Climate Talks? NGOs protest, and Figueres replies (Chinese)  
14 November 2013 China and G77 propose international mechanism on "Loss and Damage" (Chinese)  
14 November 2013 Talks on climate change and agriculture shelved at the UN conference (English)  
14 November 2013 G77 and China take the lead to address "loss and damage" during natural calamities (English)  
14 November 2013 Venezuela propone PreCOP antes de Lima 2014 (Spanish)  
14 November 2013 Pakistan's COP 19 delegation on alert for development on CDM (English)  
14 November 2013 E importante saber quanto cada pais emitiu no passado (Portuguese)  
14 November 2013 Caribbean negotiators hold key positions at Warsaw climate talks (English)  
14 November 2013 Varsovia acoge la Cumbre Mundial del Clima y también a la del Carbón (Spanish)  
14 November 2013 LDCs finalize comprehensive plans to deal with impacts of climate change (English)  
14 November 2013 Calor deve fazer 2013 entrar para a historia (Portuguese)  
14 November 2013 RADIO: Loss and damage issues at COP 19 (English)  
15 November 2013 U.S. fights G77 on most counts at climate meet, leaked doc shows (English)  
15 November 2013 PHOTOS: Japan Won "Fossil of the Day" for Slashing CO2 Target (Chinese)  
15 November 2013 Dealing with deforestation in Haiti (English)  
15 November 2013 Agroforestry can transform rural economies - climate experts (English)  
15 November 2013 “Gobiernos marcan pauta”: Christiana Figueres (Spanish)  
15 November 2013 Developing world pushes for rescue of U.N. carbon credit fund (English)  
15 November 2013 Fishing communities will face warmer, acid oceans (English)  
15 November 2013 RADIO: CDM pilot scheme to help address waterborne disease (English)  
15 November 2013 Civil society slams Japan for slashing mitigation target (English)  
15 November 2013 UN climate top official: Finance, key issue in Warsaw (English)  
15 November 2013 Ethiopia cited for having Africa’s large-scale carbon trading forestry project (English)  
15 November 2013 Q&A with Philippines climate envoy who's fasting after super typhoon Haiyan (English)  
15 November 2013 Finance, key issue in Warsaw, says UN climate top official (English)  
15 November 2013 Developing world pushes for rescue of U.N. carbon credit fund (English)  
15 November 2013 BLOG: How the CDM is helping both developed and developing countries (English)  
15 November 2013 Sobre desmatamento clima e afins (Portuguese)  
16 November 2013 "América latina es la región que tiene más energía renovable", dice la máxima exponente del Clima en la ONU (Spanish)  
16 November 2013 Developing nations, civil society slam Japan's retreat from its emissions-reduction goal (English)  
16 November 2013 NGO activists demonstrate at UN Climate conference in Warsaw (English)  
16 November 2013 Mais de 3 mil pedem acao contra as mudancas climaticas (Portuguese)
16 November 2013 Secretaria executiva da cop fala de impacto da tragedia nas filipinas sobre negociacoes (Portuguese)  
16 November 2013 Caribbean adopting strong position (English)  
16 November 2013 China Asks to Use Pollution Levels Dating Back to the Industrial Revolution to Help Set Limits on Emissions in the Future (Chinese)  
16 November 2013 Top 20 Banks to Finance Coal: 5 in China (Chinese)  
16 November 2013 New climate pact ‘must’ mull historical emissions: China (English)  
16 November 2013 Global civil society terms Japan’s new 2020 target as ‘outrageous’ (English)  
16 November 2013 China call on rich nations to pay up for polluting the world (English)  
16 November 2013 China asks to use pollution levels dating back to the industrial revolution to help set limits on emissions in the future (Chinese)  
16 November 2013 Top 20 banks to finance coal: 5 in China (Chinese)  
16 November 2013 Warsaw Climate Change Conference: Japan dials back on emission reduction targets (English)  
17 November 2013 Figueres: “La ALBA es la ‘conciencia’ de la Convención” (Spanish)  
17 November 2013 Government, business, and NGOs will have round-table discussions (Chinese)  
17 November 2013 2000 people march in Poland (Chinese)  
17 November 2013 Segunda semana começa com ‘afronta’ da Cúpula do Carvão (Portuguese)  
17 November 2013 Caribbean negotiators troubled as Japan revises emissions target (English)  
17 November 2013 Countries inch towards recognising devastation caused by climate change in the developing world (English)  
17 November 2013 COP: Brasil insiste em proposta de medição das responsabilidades históricas (Portuguese)  
18 November 2013 Cumbre del Clima: protesta contra la detención de activistas de Greenpeace (Spanish)  
18 November 2013 PHOTOS: Snapshots of COP 19 (Chinese)  
18 November 2013 Philippine's chief negotiator starts online petition (Chinese)  
18 November 2013 Nuevos mercados de carbón se postergan (Spanish)  
18 November 2013 Cientistas declaram que não existe carvão verde (Portuguese)  
18 November 2013 VIDEO: Nuevos mercados de carbón se postergan (Spanish)  
18 November 2013 Ciro di Costanzo desde la COP-19 en Varsovia, Polonia (Spanish)  
18 November 2013 Climate negotiation: Africa wants work on loss and damage expedited (English)  
18 November 2013 UNFCCC chief tells coal industry to radically change, diversify (English)  
18 November 2013 New hope for Haiti’s decimated forests (English)  
18 November 2013 Líder da Convenção do Clima pede mudança dramática à indústria do carvão (Portuguese)  
18 November 2013 Impasse in Warsaw climate talks as developing nations stay united (English)  
18 November 2013 Political will needed to push for collaboration in technology transfer to fight climate change in mountain areas (English)  
19 November 2013 Cumbre del Clima: Ban Ki-Moon dijo estar preocupado por el calentamiento global (Spanish)  
19 November 2013 Se inaugura segmento de alto nivel en la COP 19 (Spanish)  
19 November 2013 RADIO: Uganda finance minister calls for compromises (English)  
19 November 2013 VIDEO: Inaugura Ban Ki Moon la COP 19 en Varsovia (Spanish)  
19 November 2013 Countries recognise need to act on loss and damage due to extreme weather events like Typhoon Haiyan, Cyclone Phailin (English)  
19 November 2013 Caribbean diplomat says SIDS are the conscience of the planet (English)  
19 November 2013 Coal summit parallel to climate talks assailed, coal industry told to 'radically transform' (English)  
19 November 2013 Poor countries need to press on rich nations in Warsaw to stop ocean acidification (English)  
19 November 2013 Convoca México a tomar acciones contra cambio climático (Spanish)   
19 November 2013 Caribbean diplomat says small island developing states are the conscience of the planet (English)  
19 November 2013 Developed countries could commit to $20 to $30 billion in interim climate finance (English)  
19 November 2013 Lack of cross-border cooperation limits climate readiness in S. Asia (English)  
19 November 2013 VIDEO: C’bean climate negotiator says poor nations’ response shocked Japan (English)  
19 November 2013 Chinese minister: We will keep our promises (Chinese)  
19 November 2013 Developing countries put industrialised countries on the mat over commitment to tackle climate change (English)  
19 November 2013 Kenyan project for vulnerable women to adapt to climate change inspires delegates (English)  
19 November 2013 Damages from extreme weather mount as climate warms - World Bank report (English)  
19 November 2013 VIDEO: UN official lauds disaster risk management facilities in SVG & Antigua (English)  
19 November 2013 Africa climate adaptation costs could soar to US$350b annually by 2070 (English) (12 KB)  
19 November 2013 Ciro di Costanzo desde la COP-19 en Varsovia, Polonia (Spanish)  
20 November 2013 Climate Change Conference: Negotiators to lay foundation for 2015 climate global deal (English)  
20 November 2013 Aumenta cuatro veces el costo económico por los desastres naturales (Spanish)  
20 November 2013 Bad weather costs big: Report seeks greater investment for tackling climate change disasters (English)  
20 November 2013 Antiguan head of UN General Assembly calls for real progress on climate talks (English)  
20 November 2013 México exige concertar ya acuerdos climáticos (Spanish)  
20 November 2013 UN chief praises international community for supporting typhoon-hit Philippines (English)  
20 November 2013 COP19 se inaugura con sombra de Copenhague (Spanish)  
20 November 2013 Bad weather costs big: Report seeks greater investment for tackling climate change, disasters (English)  
20 November 2013 COP entra na semana decisiva com todas as discussoes travadas (Portuguese)  
20 November 2013 RADIO: Helping women in Kenya graduate from extreme poverty (English)  
20 November 2013 Clean Development Mechanism fund in China recognized by the UN (Chinese)  
20 November 2013 U.N. climate meet becomes about “not losing ground” (English)  
20 November 2013 Ministro do meio ambiente polones e demitido no meio da COP (Portuguese)   
20 November 2013 Bolivia en la COP19: "Dejen de invertir en la muerte" (Spanish)  
20 November 2013 RADIO: Developing countries worry that developed countries side-step their financial pledges (English)  
20 November 2013 UN chief praises international community for supporting typhoon-hit Philippines (English)  
20 November 2013 Polaridade entre paises ricos e pobres se acirra com chegada de ministros (Portuguese)  
20 November 2013 RADIO: México está haciendo su parte en materia de cambio climático: Juan José Guerra Abud (Spanish)  
21 November 2013 Warsaw Poland: UN climate conference honours 17 action projects (English)  
21 November 2013 What led to walkout at UN climate talks over ‘loss and damage’ issue? (English)  
21 November 2013 Action to move Climate Change Conference forward (English)  
21 November 2013 Philippines urges world leaders to rise to the climate challenge as walkout mars UN-led talks (English)  
21 November 2013 $100-billion climate fund for poor countries available soon (English)   
21 November 2013 China's property tycoon Wang Shi, who reached the top of Mount Everest twice, believes that protecting the environment is more difficult than climbing Mount Everest (Chinese)  
21 November 2013 Belize tells climate change summit that adaptation is imperative to its sustainability (English)  
21 November 2013 COP-19: Bolivia pide ayuda a países desarrollados (Spanish)  
21 November 2013 VIDEO: Group comprising Caribbean nations walks out of climate talks (English)  
21 November 2013 'Injection of financial resources into Green Climate Fund vital' (English)  
21 November 2013 NGOs at UN climate talks in Warsaw walk out (English)  
21 November 2013 Bolivia presente en la COP19 (Spanish)  
21 November 2013 Storm brews at U.N. climate talks (English)  
21 November 2013 México pedirá a países que hagan su tarea contra CO2 (Spanish)  
21 November 2013 PHOTOS: Snapshots from the second week of the COP (Chinese)  
21 November 2013 Sem avanco ongs abandonam discussoes em Varsovia (Portuguese)  
21 November 2013 Las ONG abandonan la Cumbre Mundial del Clima (Spanish)  
22 November 2013 Climate talks in trouble as green groups walk out (English)  
22 November 2013 ONG se retiran de la COP19 por falta de avances (Spanish)  
22 November 2013 ICT is latest initiative to be recognised by UNFCCC (English)  
22 November 2013 St. Kitts-Nevis outlines implications of climate change (English)  
22 November 2013 Africa urged to turn to the private sector for climate finance (English)  
22 November 2013 Businesses are not adapting to climate change: Pascal Canfin, French Minister for development (English)  
22 November 2013 Caribbean allies call for Taiwan’s inclusion in global climate talks (English)  
22 November 2013 Ocean acidification will cut food and jobs in poor countries - scientists (English)  
22 November 2013 "The Green Climate Fund will be up and running next year" says its Executive Director (Chinese)  
22 November 2013 Caribbean negotiator questions motive behind Japan’s $16 billion for developbment aid (English)  
23 November 2013 Philippines 'more and more vulnerable' to disasters - officials (English)  
23 November 2013 Tibio acuerdo en la Cumbre Mundial del Clima (Spanish)  
23 November 2013 ‘This is not a time for backsliding,’ Bahamian minister tells climate talks (English)  
23 November 2013 Developled countries put 22 bilion on the table (Chinese)  
23 November 2013 ARTICLE and VIDEO: As climate summit nears end, disappointed Caribbean negotiator ‘managing expectations’ (English)  
24 November 2013 Delay in Warsaw climate talks (Chinese)  
24 November 2013 Major step taken toward universal climate change pact as UN climate talks end (English)  
25 November 2013 Warsaw climate talks end (Chinese)  
26 November 2013 As climate talks end, UNFCCC head says rich and poor nations must contribute to climate finance (English)  
29 November 2013 COP19, ¿en qué queda el cambio climático? (Spanish)  
1 December 2013 Who was in tears in Warsaw (Chinese)  

COP 19 media representatives


Ms. Sun is a senior reporter on City Desk of Southern Metropolis Daily, the largest daily in Southern China with a circulation of 1.8 million. Previously, she served as a business reporter for the 21st Century Herald. Sun covered the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development and also COP 18.

Saleem Shaikh_Pakistan SALEEM SHAIKH

Mr. Shaikh is a passionate climate change journalist with more than 14 years of experience in print, online and broadcast journalism.  Based in Pakistan, he has written for AlertNet Climate, The News, Daily Dawn, Geo News TV and DawnNews TV. Mr. Shaikh also trains journalists on environmental, disaster, development and science reporting.


Mr. Okella is an independent journalist and producer based in Kampala, Uganda, with twelve years of experience as a reporter. He works as News Editor/Environmental Journalist at Radio Simba-Uganda and has worked with the BBC, Farm Radio, and Free Speech Radio News. He has covered UNFCCC negotiations since 2009.


Ms. Mulenga is a senior correspondent for Pan African News Agency and has spent nearly a decade focusing on the environmental beat. Now based in Lusaka, Zambia, she started her career as a reporter with PANAPRESS, an African continental news agency with a presence in almost all member states of the Africa Union.  She has covered UNFCCC negotiations for several years.

Imelda Abano IMELDA V. ABANO 

Ms. Abano is a journalist and media trainer specializing in climate change. She is the Founder and President of the Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists, Inc. and is the first Filipino to receive the 2009 Developing Asia Journalist of the Year award and the United Nations Correspondents Association Award for excellence in reporting. She has covered UNFCCC negotiations since 2007.


Mr. Brown is the lead environment correspondent for the global news agency Inter Press Service (IPS) in the Caribbean. He has been worked for more than 10 television and radio stations in the Caribbean as an anchor, a writer and a producer.


Mr. Ageyo is the Managing Editor of the Kenya Television Network (KTN) based in Nairobi. He is widely acclaimed as having pioneered environmental journalism on television in Kenya. He was the first TV journalist to start a regular slot for an environmental feature, and in 2001 was declared environmental journalist of the year by the National Media Trust. He has covered multiple UNFCCC negotiations.

Ciro Di Costanzo.jpg CIRO DI CONSTANZO Mr. Constanzo is a journalist specializing in political and international affairs. He is currently a news anchor at Reporte 98.5 fm Radio, a columnist in Excelsior, a Mexican nationwide newspaper, and an analyst in Newsweek en Español .
Giovana Girardi.jpg GIOVANA GIRARDI

Ms. Giovana is a Brazilian journalist working at O Estado de S. Paulo, one of the biggest daily newspapers in Brazil with a tradition of environmental coverage. She has a Masters in Journalism and has been working on scientific and environmental issues for more than 10 years. 


Mr. Chance is a national of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and has been a journalist since 2002. He covers a wide range of issues, including the environment. He has been a correspondent for the Caribbean Media Corporation since 2004 and has also worked in the media in Taiwan. He also owns and operates I-Witness News ( 


Ms. Oblitas has been a journalist at Los Tiempos newspaper in Bolivia for almost 13 years. She specializes in research and environmental issues. She won first place for 2007 environmental reporting in Bolivia and Latin America and third place for 2010 environmental reporting in Bolivia. She is also a photographer and has covered the previous three UNFCCC negotiations. 


Mr. Dogbe has been a Togolese journalist since 1993. He worked first as an anchor, journalist and head of promotion at Radio kanal Plus. In 1999, he left the radio to create a new radio station. He has also been a correspondent for Radio France Internationale.

Wambi Michael.jpg WAMBI MICHAEL

Mr. Michael is a journalist with the Uganda Radio Network, and one of the few journalists in Uganda extensively reporting on the environment and Climate Change. He won first place in the 2012 clean development mechanism (CDM) African Radio Contest for his radio feature about the CDM and hydroelectric power projects in Uganda. He was also Uganda’s 2007 investigative journalist of the year. He has covered UNFCCC negotiations for several years.

 Victor Ingrassia.jpg VICTOR INGRASSIA

Mr. Ingrassia is a journalist for the Argentinian national newspaper La Nacion. He is a dedicated staff journalist for the online edition, covering scientific and medical issues around the world. He finds covering climate change to be a fascinating challenge.

 Urmi Goswami


Ms. Goswami works as a special correspondent with The Economic Times. She writes on the environment and climate change, as well as other issues like rural development, politics and education. She has reported on industry and the energy sector, including renewable energy, and also contributes to The Economic Times' blog, Grey Matters, writing on issues including climate change and development.