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The Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) agreed on 23 June 2020 to, on an exceptional basis, considering the COVID-19 pandemic, to extend the period in which CDM Designated Operational Entities (DOEs) may apply alternative measures of validation/verification to mandatory on-site inspections until 31 December 2020.

Board earlier agreed to relax mandatory site visits by DOEs for a period of three months (23 March to 23 June 2020) because of COVID-19, which is contained in para 26 of CDM EB 106 report. 

See immediately below, the previous announcement of the Board's decision, taken on 20 March 2020.


CDM Executive Board agrees to relax mandatory site visits by DOEs for a period of three months (23 March to 23 June 2020) because of COVID-19

On a request by few stakeholders, the Board considered electronically the matter and decided as follows:

  • A DOE may postpone site visits for onsite inspections required by the “CDM validation and verification standard for project activities (version 02.0) (VVS-PA)” or “CDM validation and verification standard for programme of activities (version 02.0) (VVS-PoA)”, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, taking into account the rules of relevant national and local authorities (local to the DOE offices as well as to locality of the site visits), World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, policies of the DOE (if any) and other relevant travel restrictions and guidance (for example, a requirement to self-isolate upon return from specific countries).
  • If the site visits cannot be postponed, a proper justification should be provided by the DOE why the site visits cannot be postponed, including the demonstration of a significant impact of delaying the site visits on the DOE, or project participants or coordinating/ managing entity (e.g. commitment/ timeline as per the validation or verification contract, CER delivery commitment by project participants) reliance on applicable force majeure provisions in the validation or verification contracts, if needed.

  • If the site visit cannot be postponed but are not conducted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the DOE may use other standard auditing techniques for validation or verification, as referred to in sections 7.1.3 and 9.1.3 of the VVS-PA and sections 7.1.3 and 10.1.3 of the VVS-PoA. In the above regard, the Board agrees to allow for three months, from 23 March to 23 June 2020, to deviate from the requirements in paragraphs 30 and 339 of the VVS-PA and paragraphs 183 and 321 of the VVS-POA. Where the DOE relies on this temporary measure, it shall describe in the validation/ verification report the alternative means used and justify that they are credible and sufficient for the purpose of validation or verification.