Finalized requests for revision of approved large scale methodologies

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Reference Request for revision Current Status Last update
AM_REV_0261 Revision to ACM0002 to include battery energy storage systems (BESS) to greenfield and existing renewable power generation power plants Submission approved 04 Nov 22
AM_REV_0260 Broadening the applicability of the approved methodology AM0009 to including recovery and utilization of gas from gas condensate fields that would otherwise be flared or vented, as well Submission Not approved 15 Mar 22
AM_REV_0259 Amendment of equations 1-5 and unit changes throughout methodology Submission approved 18 Jun 19
AM_REV_0258 Revision in approved methodology “ACM0008 (Version 08) “Abatement of methane from coal mines” to broaden the applicability criteria to include the methane extraction from virgin coal bed seams projects Submission Not approved 04 Dec 18
AM_REV_0257 Revision for broadening the applicability of ACM0001 to include project supplying of LFG to consumers through a dedicated pipeline Submission approved 17 May 16
AM_REV_0256 Revision of ACM0002 to become applicable to geothermal technologies with binary or closed-loop heat exchange systems without accounting for project emissions Submission approved 17 May 16
AM_REV_0255 Determination of project emissions from transportation of liquid fuels in complementary routes in trucks in year y (PECR,y) using specific consumptions obtained by sampling Submission approved 23 Apr 15
AM_REV_0254 Request for Revision to broaden the scope of AM0086 Version 03.0 Submission approved 23 Apr 15
AM_REV_0253 The balance method for the measurement of FCCj (Fraction of total carbon content in waste type j) and FFCj (Fraction of fossil carbon in total content of waste type j) Submission approved 04 Dec 14
AM_REV_0252 Extension of the methodology ACM00018 to include harvested solid biomass from dedicated plantations on degraded land Request withdrawn 15 May 14
AM_REV_0251 Revision of Baseline scenarios for waste heat generation projects Submission Not approved 25 Feb 14
AM_REV_0250 Revision for broadening the applicability of ACM0001 to include project distributing compressed/liquified LFG through a virtual-pipeline Submission approved 08 Oct 13
AM_REV_0249 Revision of the leakage emissions formulae, to include the natural gas consumption in the baseline scenario for electricity generation Submission Not approved 08 Oct 13
AM_REV_0248 Expansion of the applicability conditions under AM0009 Version 6.0.0 Submission Not approved 04 Jun 13
AM_REV_0247 In the methodology AM0084 Version 01 there are few corrections in terms of including appropriate notations wherever they are applicable and also inclusion of mathematical equations for the estimation of baseline emissions which are missing in the approved methodology. There are few typographical errors which are also taken into consideration by the project proponent in this submission of the revised methodology. Submission approved 27 Nov 12
AM_REV_0246 Revision of ACM0008 (Version 07) in order to broaden the applicability for allowing emission reduction claims from CBM extraction projects causing avoidance/deferment of coal mining Submission Not approved 28 Nov 12
AM_REV_0245 request for revision of project emission calculation of ACM0019 “N2O abatement from nitric acid production” (version 1.0.0) Submission approved 04 Jun 13
AM_REV_0244 AM0090 Version 01.1.0: Expansion of applicability criteria to include various routes and cargo types Submission Not approved 17 Sep 12
AM_REV_0243 Flash Gas Recovery Project at Ras Al Khaimah, UAE AM0055: Revision of definition “Refinery- a facility which converts crude oil” to be revised to include “facilities that converts natural gas” Submission approved 17 Sep 12
AM_REV_0242 Inclusion of greenfield projects in the applicability criteria Submission approved 17 Sep 12