Finalized requests for clarification on approved large scale methodologies

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Reference Request for clarification Current Status Last update
AM_CLA_0285 Clarification on the monitoring requirements for a combination of alternative waste treatment options under ACM0022 EB link added 25 Jun 20
AM_CLA_0284 Clarification on applicability of TDL for electricity generation under ACM0022 EB link added 02 Jun 20
AM_CLA_0283 Clarification on applicable value of methane density and appropriateness of emission sources from soil application of waste by-products and storage of digestate EB link added 02 Jun 20
AM_CLA_0282 Clarification on the applicability for the capacity expansion of the existing LFG capture system EB link added 15 Jun 20
AM_CLA_0281 Clarification request on the meaning of “new sales” in AM0120 and on the sorting method for obtaining 90th/80th percentile of baseline electricity consumption(EC) in the reference Tool 29 EB link added 02 Apr 19
AM_CLA_0280 Clarifications on updating DATEBaselineRetrofit of ACM0002 and on changing the grid emission factor calculation approach from ex post to ex ante EB link added 02 Apr 19
AM_CLA_0279 Allowing emission reduction claims from CBM extraction projects from virgin coal bed methane EB link added 04 Dec 18
AM_CLA_0278 Calculation of parameter MSy EB link added 27 Apr 18
AM_CLA_0277 Clarification on simplified procedures of additionality in ACM0001 v17.0 EB link added 30 May 17
AM_CLA_0276 Request for clarification for the multipurpose use of hydropower reservoirs under ACM0002 EB link added 27 Apr 18
AM_CLA_0275 Clarification on the survey frequency to determine the baseline emissions EB link added 16 May 16
AM_CLA_0274 Clarification about the applicability condition for using the LFG to supply consumers through natural gas distribution network EB link added 16 May 16
AM_CLA_0273 Reference to a withdrawn tool in ACM0006 EB link added 15 Dec 15
AM_CLA_0272 Clarification on the applicability of a methodology for installation of cogeneration units to supply heat and power EB link added 15 Dec 15
AM_CLA_0271 Clarification on co-gasifying a renewable energy crop with MSW EB link added 28 Jul 15
AM_CLA_0270 Changes in the project boundary due to partially implementation of a CDM Project Activity EB link added 28 Jul 15
AM_CLA_0269 Monitoring of FFCj and FCCj compared to AM0025 EB link added 28 Jul 15
AM_CLA_0268 Applicability of ACM0019(ver.2.0) for facility revamping of a HNO3 production increase EB link added 28 Jul 15
AM_CLA_0267 Calculation of EGpj,y and monitoring in the case of a capacity addition hydro power plant CDM project which was also subject to a retrofit that is not included in the CDM scope EB link added 28 Jul 15
AM_CLA_0266 Clarification on the applicability of ACM0002 to a rehabilitation hydro project when the project activity electricity generation is lower than the historical generation data EB link added 24 Apr 15