Finalized requests for clarification on approved large scale methodologies

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Reference Request for clarification Current Status Last update
AM_CLA_0299 Clarification on the application of the monthly average temperature in AM0073 EB link added 13 Sep 22
AM_CLA_0298 Clarification on the use of a waste gas under AM0063 EB link added 01 Jun 22
AM_CLA_0296 Recovery of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) under AM0009 EB link added 16 Mar 22
AM_CLA_0295 Clarification on the applicability conditions for manure treatment systems under AM0073 and ACM0010 EB link added 16 Nov 21
AM_CLA_0294 The application of the Approved Methodology AM0009 for the Project implemented at the Gas Condensate Field EB link added 03 Nov 21
AM_CLA_0293 Applicability of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) use domestically as alternative to utilization of otherwise gas flared under the AM0009 version 7.0. EB link added 03 Nov 21
AM_CLA_0292 Clarification on the transportation of multiple cargo under AM0090 EB link added 03 Nov 21
AM_CLA_0291 Clarification on the calculation of baseline and project emissions for waste-to-energy plants applying ACM0022 EB link added 31 Aug 21
AM_CLA_0290 Clarification on how to calculate the EGPJ as the quantity of electricity generated by the project activity and supplied to the grid and to the electricity consuming facility, under ACM0002 EB link added 03 Nov 21
AM_CLA_0289 Clarification on sub-step 3(a) under establishing the discount factor for number of testing EB link added 13 Sep 21
AM_CLA_0288 Clarification on leakage emissions related to deforestation and reforestation in the interconnection of an isolated electricity system under AM0045 EB link added 13 Sep 21
AM_CLA_0287 Clarification request on the use of RDF in waste to energy project applying ACM0022 EB link added 17 Dec 20
AM_CLA_0286 Applying delayed passengers surveys for previous years EB link added 17 Dec 20
AM_CLA_0285 Clarification on the monitoring requirements for a combination of alternative waste treatment options under ACM0022 EB link added 25 Jun 20
AM_CLA_0284 Clarification on applicability of TDL for electricity generation under ACM0022 EB link added 02 Jun 20
AM_CLA_0283 Clarification on applicable value of methane density and appropriateness of emission sources from soil application of waste by-products and storage of digestate EB link added 02 Jun 20
AM_CLA_0282 Clarification on the applicability for the capacity expansion of the existing LFG capture system EB link added 15 Jun 20
AM_CLA_0281 Clarification request on the meaning of “new sales” in AM0120 and on the sorting method for obtaining 90th/80th percentile of baseline electricity consumption(EC) in the reference Tool 29 EB link added 02 Apr 19
AM_CLA_0280 Clarifications on updating DATEBaselineRetrofit of ACM0002 and on changing the grid emission factor calculation approach from ex post to ex ante EB link added 02 Apr 19
AM_CLA_0279 Allowing emission reduction claims from CBM extraction projects from virgin coal bed methane EB link added 04 Dec 18