CDM Policy Dialogue


At its sixty-third meeting, the CDM Executive Board launched a policy dialogue to review past CDM experience and help ensure the readiness and positioning of the mechanism to meet the challenges of the post-2012 period.

According to its terms of reference,the policy dialogue's mandate was to produce recommendations on “how to best position the CDM to respond to future challenges and opportunities and ensure the effectiveness of the mechanism in contributing to future global climate action, based on a wide-ranging assessment of experience, benefits and shortcomings of the CDM and engagement with civil society, policymakers and market participants.”

The panel released its recommendations in September 2012 by urging nations to intervene forcefully to address the crisis in the carbon market and substantially increase their level of ambition when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emission

To address shortcomings and improve the CDM's reputation and performance in the future, the Panel recommended fundamental reforms of the CDM's operating procedures.

In formulating its recommendations, the high-level panel commissioned a wide-ranging research programme addressing 22 topics across three main areas: the impact of the CDM to date; the governance and operations of the CDM; and the future context in which the CDM could operate.

The research reports can be seen here.

It also organized a stakeholder consultation programme holding dozens of formal and informal meetings around the world. The panel officially presented its report at the sixty-ninth meeting of the CDM Executive Board in Bangkok.

CDM Policy Dialogue Website

The Panel

An independent panel was assigned to engage civil society, policymakers and market participants in a dialogue that was launched during the UN climate change conference in Durban, South Africa.

  • Panel members
    Panel members
    Mr. Luciano Coutinho
    Ms. Maggie L. Fox
    Mr. Ross Garnaut
    Mr. Prodipto Ghosh
    Ms. Yolanda Kakabadse
    Ms. Joan MacNaughton
    Ms. Margaret Mukahanana-Sangarwe
    Mr. Paul Simpson
    Mr. Nobuo Tanaka
    Mr. Mohammed Valli Moosa
    Ms. Changhua Wu
  • Stakeholders’ input

    The Board launched a call for public inputs on issues to be addressed in the dialogue, including external forces affecting the CDM, future challenges it can be expected to face, and opportunities and possible directions for its future use and development.

    The inputs, and a summary of them, were shared with the high-level panel on the CDM policy dialogue.