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Reference Proposed New Methodology Current Status Last update
SSC-NM081 Emissions reductions from displacement of production of traditional building material by manufacture and installation of gypcrete wall panels Submission approved 09 Oct 13
SSC-NM080 Installation of grid connected energy efficient pump-set for agriculture use Submission approved 24 Jul 12
SSC-NM079 Avoidance of methane and nitrous oxide emissions through mulching Submission approved 11 Dec 12
SSC-NM078 GHG emission reduction due to supply of molten metal instead of ingots for aluminium castings Submission approved 24 Jul 12
SSC-NM077 Use of chemical additives to reduce fossil fuel consumption in heavy vehicles Submission not approved 05 Mar 12
SSC-NM076 Use of Low-GHG cement substitutes to displace traditional cement production Submission not approved 14 May 12
SSC-NM075 Supply of steam to the recipient facility through steam optimization at the other facility Submission not approved 14 May 12
SSC-NM074 Emission Reductions through Improved Efficiency of Vehicle Fleets Submission approved 24 Jul 12
SSC-NM073 Baseline methodology for electrification of rural communities Submission approved 05 Mar 12
SSC-NM072 Recovery and recycling of materials from E-waste Submission approved 14 May 12
SSC-NM071 Introduction of LNG buses to existing and new bus routes Submission approved 05 Mar 12
SSC-NM070 BaM-M for Flow Improvement Equipment Submission not approved 08 Dec 11
SSC-NM069 Super-Efficient Major Domestic Appliances Submission approved 05 Mar 12
SSC-NM068 Rural electrification by extension of existing low carbon intensive electricity distribution network Submission approved 05 Mar 12
SSC-NM067 Methane oxidation layer (MOL) for solid waste disposal sites Submission approved 28 Nov 11
SSC-NM066 Switch from non-renewable biomass for feedstock applications in agriculture Submission not approved 07 Oct 11
SSC-NM065 Introduction of fuel efficiency improvement technologies for motorcycles Submission not approved 19 Jul 11
SSC-NM064 Introduction of natural gas in the fuel mix of iron-ore pellet induration process Submission not approved 13 Jun 11
SSC-NM063 Methane emission reduction by switching from transplanted to direct seeded rice with adjusted water management practice Submission approved 18 Apr 11
SSC-NM062 Heat generation from biomass residues without power generation Submission not approved 13 Dec 10