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Reference Request for clarification and revision Current Status Last update
SSC_704 Revision of AMS-III.BG for the production of charcoal in micro gasifier stoves at the household level EB link added 04 Jun 14
SSC_703 Clarification on the requirement to avoid double counting under AMS-II.G EB link added 04 Jun 14
SSC_702 Revision of AMS-I.L to further clarify monitoring requirements and baseline calculations for mini-grid system EB link added 04 Jun 14
SSC_701 Clarification on the requirement related to high efficiency lighting and the scope of using options 1 and 2 for monitoring EB link added 04 Jun 14
SSC_700 Revision to AMS-I.C to include biomass-based trigeneration systems EB link added 04 Jun 14
SSC_699 Query on debundling assessment for project activities using AMS-III.Z EB link added 24 Feb 14
SSC_698 Applicability of AMS-III.AQ and AMS-III.S to project producing bio-CNG for displacement of CNG from fossil origin and use in freight transportation EB link added 24 Feb 14
SSC_697 Clarification on the sample size requirements for project efficiency determination of a standardized product EB link added 24 Feb 14
SSC_696 Clarification on the penalty in case of instrument breakdown when calibration was overdue EB link added 24 Feb 14
SSC_695 Clarification on thermal efficiency monitoring requirements under AMS-II.G (versions 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0) EB link added 18 Nov 13
SSC_694 Clarification on the monitoring requirement of monitoring the output of the recovered biogas in AMS-III.D (version 19.0) EB link added 18 Nov 13
SSC_693 Clarification on the project emissions calculation applying AMS-III.H version 09 EB link added 18 Nov 13
SSC_692 In AMS-III.AO version 01, the provision of the calculation of achieved emission reductions and Equation 4 is not consistent. EB link added 18 Nov 13
SSC_691 Clarification on AMS-III.S (version 04) regarding sampling requirements and fixed route parameter EB link added 07 Oct 13
SSC_690 Clarification on two of the applicability conditions under AMS-III.Q EB link added 07 Oct 13
SSC_689 Clarification on baseline and monitoring for variable load devices using AMS-II.C EB link added 07 Oct 13
SSC_688 Clarification on the ex-post calculation of emission reductions in AMS-III.H EB link added 07 Oct 13
SSC_687 Revision of AMS-III.BC to include engine efficiency improvement that also improve combustion efficiency of the vehicle EB link added 07 Oct 13
SSC_686 Clarification on AMS-III.Q with respect to project emissions resulting from gases flared in baseline scenario EB link added 07 Oct 13
SSC_685 Clarification on the measurement of accummulated biogas under AMS-I.I EB link added 07 Oct 13