Pending requests for clarification and revision of approved SSC methodologies

To submit a request for clarification or revision of an approved SSC and A/R SSC methodology, please send an email to using the designated form.

There are 5 pending requests for clarification and revision in this category

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Reference Request for clarification and revision Current Status Last update
SSC_799 Clarification on the meaning of 'introduced' sludge treatment systems under AMS-III.H. Submission received 19 Oct 20
SSC_798 Clarification about which electric grid shall be selected to determine the grid emission factor (EFel,y) for baseline calculation in AMS-III.AJ. Submission received 30 Sep 20
SSC_796 Clarification regarding AMS-II.G. para 38 on the life span of stoves and the default replacement of devices after the end of their life span Request added to the SSC Working Group 83 15 Oct 20
SSC_791 Clarification on NUE Seeds under AMS-III.BF. Request added to the Meth Panel 83 05 Aug 20
SSC_790 Clarification on applicability conditions of AMS-III.AU. and AMS-III.BF. for rice cultivation projects Request added to the Meth Panel 83 05 Aug 20
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