Pending requests for clarification and revision of approved SSC methodologies

To submit a request for clarification or revision of an approved SSC and A/R SSC methodology, please send an email to using the designated form.

There are 5 pending requests for clarification and revision in this category

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Reference Request for clarification and revision Current Status Last update
SSC_825 Clarification on application of AMS-III.AH. for using Green Hydrogen for energy purpose in ammonia production Submission received 14 Jan 22
SSC_824 Clarification on consideration of the impact of the measures under AMS-II.E. Submission received 06 Jan 22
SSC_823 Clarification on applicability of solar water pumps for irrigation purpose under AMS-I.A. Submission received 05 Jan 22
SSC_822 Clarification on the scope of electric space heating technology in AMS-I.E. Submission received 05 Jan 22
SSC_818 Clarification on the application of the methodology AMS-III.AJ. to the production of construction products from recycled plastics Request added to the Meth Panel 87 09 Dec 21
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