Pending requests for clarification and revision of approved SSC methodologies

To submit a request for clarification or revision of an approved SSC and A/R SSC methodology, please send an email to using the designated form.

There are 3 pending requests for clarification and revision in this category

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Reference Request for clarification and revision Current Status Last update
SSC_835 Revision of AMS-III.S. to expand the applicability of the meth for vehicles and vessels operated using LNG, biofuel and blended fuel Request added to the Meth Panel 90 25 Jan 23
SSC_833 Clarification on the application of AMS-III.C. to e-bikes Final Response published 09 Mar 23
SSC_826 Revision of AMS-III.R. to provide further clarity on monitoring requirements for biogas digester systems Final Response published 12 Oct 22
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