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Reference Request for clarification and revision Current Status Last update
SSC_735 Clarification on applicability of paragraph 41 of AMS-II.G version 09.0 to small-scale CDM project activities EB link added 04 May 18
SSC_734 Clarification on applicable emission factor under AMS-II.G. EB link added 25 Apr 18
SSC_733 Clarification on ICS lifespan and definition of historical data as mentioned AMS-II.G ver 08 EB link added 26 Feb 18
SSC_732 Clarification on applicability of paragraph 41 of AMS-II.G ver 09.0 EB link added 17 Jan 18
SSC_731 Asking clarification on actual data EB link added 27 Apr 18
SSC_730 Applicability of AMS-I.C ver 20 to a project involving crop-drying and displacing non-renewable biomass EB link added 07 Jun 17
SSC_729 Request for revision to the classification criteria of geographic locations as SUZs so as to qualify for automatic additionality EB link added 21 Nov 17
SSC_728 Clarification on baseline emissions calculations in AMS-III.AH EB link added 09 May 17
SSC_727 Clarification on the test method to demonstrate above 20% stove efficiency under AMS-II.G EB link added 09 May 17
SSC_726 Clarification on the requirements to use simplified approach to test stove efficiency under AMS-II.G EB link added 09 May 17
SSC_725 Clarification on efficiency testing for institutional improved cookstoves of different saucepan capacities under AMS-II.G EB link added 09 May 17
SSC_724 Clarification on monitoring requirements under AMS-II.G EB link added 09 May 17
SSC_723 Revision of AMS-III.AJ to include recovery and recycling of metals (aluminium and steel) from municipal solid wastes EB link added 09 May 17
SSC_722 Clarification on the accounting of emission reductions for projects involving capacity additions EB link added 03 Aug 16
SSC_721 Revision of AMS-III.AJ to cover glass recycling EB link added 05 Aug 16
SSC_720 Clarification on the management of cookstove numbers in a CPA under AMS-II.G EB link added 27 May 16
SSC_719 Clarification on the definition of LED based lighting system under AMS-III.AR EB link added 28 Jul 15
SSC_718 The application of AMS-II.D for improving the blast efficiency of explosives used in mining operations EB link added 17 Apr 15
SSC_717 Clarification on the use of default values from the latest version of the methodology AMS-II.G EB link added 17 Apr 15
SSC_716 Applicability of methodology AMS II.D version 13 to Automotive Coating Process EB link added 17 Apr 15