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Reference Request for clarification and revision Current Status Last update
SSC_801 Clarification on the use of fossil fuel EF default value as in AMS-I.E. and AMS-III.BG. EB link added 03 Dec 20
SSC_800 Clarification on applicability of AMS-I.C. to project activities introducing renewable biomass pellet stoves to replace coal EB link added 21 Dec 20
SSC_799 Clarification on the meaning of 'introduced' sludge treatment systems under AMS-III.H. EB link added 20 Nov 20
SSC_798 Clarification about which electric grid shall be selected to determine the grid emission factor (EFel,y) for baseline calculation in AMS-III.AJ. EB link added 15 Dec 20
SSC_797 Clarification on applicability of AMS-I.F. to a PV mini-grid project EB link added 14 Oct 20
SSC_796 Clarification regarding AMS-II.G. para 38 on the life span of stoves and the default replacement of devices after the end of their life span EB link added 15 Dec 20
SSC_795 Applicability of a default value of 3 litres for a student in a school (Parameter: QPWpp) under AMS-III.AV. EB link added 25 Sep 20
SSC_794 Clarification of AMS-I.E. regarding the displacement of charcoal, emissions of project fuel, and fNRB default EB link added 18 Sep 20
SSC_793 Clarification on the applicability of national standards comprised of physical, chemical and microbiological standards under AMS-III.AV. EB link added 25 Sep 20
SSC_792 Clarification on the calculation of the quantity of purified water for schools under AMS-III.AV. EB link added 25 Aug 20
SSC_791 Clarification on NUE Seeds under AMS-III.BF. EB link added 15 Dec 20
SSC_790 Clarification on applicability conditions of AMS-III.AU. and AMS-III.BF. for rice cultivation projects EB link added 15 Dec 20
SSC_789 Clarification on the default schedule of linear decrease in efficiency under AMS-II.G. EB link added 14 Aug 20
SSC_788 Whether CNSL (Cashew nut shell liquid) is renewable biomass in scope of AMS-I.C. EB link added 17 Jul 20
SSC_787 Clarification on multiple separate monitoring reports for PoAs applying AMS-II.G. EB link added 15 Jun 20
SSC_786 Clarification on monitoring of the number of utilization days for the project device under AMS-II.G. EB link added 06 Oct 20
SSC_785 Clarification on applicability of AMS-I.C., AMS-I.E. and AMS-I.I. to a fuel-switch project involving renewable biochar displacing non-renewable biomass in the context of household cooking EB link added 06 Oct 20
SSC_784 Clarification on market share and double counting under AMS-III.C. EB link added 06 Oct 20
SSC_783 Revision to include an option for project lamps that have multiple charging methods under AMS-III.AR. EB link added 06 Oct 20
SSC_782 Clarification on the use of multiple sources to recharge LED lamps under AMS-III.AR. EB link added 26 May 20