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Reference Request for clarification and revision Current Status Last update
SSC_844 Clarification on the applicability of AMS-III.F. for the use of insect larvae in composting processes EB link added 11 Jun 24
SSC_843 Clarification on the applicability of AMS-III.C. to stationary vehicles in the construction industry EB link added 28 Mar 24
SSC_842 Clarification on the terminal efficiency of a charcoal-based project device under AMS-II.G. EB link added 22 Mar 24
SSC_841 Clarification on AMS-I.L. on inclusion of project emissions associated to fossil fuel consumption EB link added 21 Dec 23
SSC_840 Clarification on the timing and validity of the ex-ante measurement campaign under AMS-III.H. EB link added 12 Jul 23
SSC_839 Clarification on the eligibility of marine fleets/vessels under AMS-III.C. EB link added 29 Sep 23
SSC_838 Clarification on AMS-I.L. on usage of an average value for the share of Type I and Type II consumers EB link added 28 Dec 23
SSC_837 Clarification on the term “fully refundable” used under AMS-III.BM for additionality demonstration EB link added 29 Sep 23
SSC_836 Clarification on the use of wood fuel emission factor under AMS-II.G. EB link added 07 Mar 23
SSC_835 Revision of AMS-III.S. to expand the applicability of the meth for vehicles and vessels operated using LNG, biofuel and blended fuel Request withdrawn 31 Oct 23
SSC_834 Clarification on applicability of AMS-III.S. to vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells EB link added 09 Dec 22
SSC_833 Clarification on the application of AMS-III.C. to e-bikes EB link added 28 Mar 23
SSC_832 Clarification on accounting for lumen depreciation time of LED lamps under AMS-II.N. EB link added 14 Nov 22
SSC_831 Clarification on switching cultivars in AMS-III.AU. EB link added 14 Nov 22
SSC_830 Clarification on the approach to determine the parameter Py (Population that consumes the purified water) under AMS-III.AV. EB link added 12 Sep 22
SSC_829 Revision to include the recycling of PVC (Polyvinylchloride) in AMS-III.AJ. EB link added 12 Sep 22
SSC_828 Clarification on the reference to TOOL05 for determination of a fossil fuel emission factor under AMS-I.A. EB link added 02 May 22
SSC_827 Clarification on the application of AMS-I.F. to calculate baseline emission of projects involving electric/hybrid vehicles under AMS-III.C. EB link added 12 Sep 22
SSC_826 Revision of AMS-III.R. to provide further clarity on monitoring requirements for biogas digester systems EB link added 28 Mar 23
SSC_825 Clarification on application of AMS-III.AH. for using Green Hydrogen for energy purpose in ammonia production EB link added 14 Mar 22