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Reference Request for clarification and revision Current Status Last update
SSC_794 Clarification of AMS-I.E. regarding the displacement of charcoal, emissions of project fuel, and fNRB default EB link added 18 Sep 20
SSC_792 Clarification on the calculation of the quantity of purified water for schools under AMS-III.AV. EB link added 25 Aug 20
SSC_789 Clarification on the default schedule of linear decrease in efficiency under AMS-II.G. EB link added 14 Aug 20
SSC_788 Whether CNSL (Cashew nut shell liquid) is renewable biomass in scope of AMS-I.C. EB link added 17 Jul 20
SSC_787 Clarification on multiple separate monitoring reports for PoAs applying AMS-II.G. EB link added 15 Jun 20
SSC_782 Clarification on the use of multiple sources to recharge LED lamps under AMS-III.AR. EB link added 26 May 20
SSC_779 Clarification on the applicable equations and parameters for manure management systems with organic bedding in AMS-III.Y. EB link added 22 May 20
SSC_778 Clarification on measures to avoid recontamination of purified drinking water in AMS-III.AV EB link added 06 Apr 20
SSC_777 Clarification on efficiency of pre-project device for AMS-I.E EB link added 11 May 20
SSC_776 Applicability of AMS-II.R. to “Gers” in Mongolia EB link added 06 Apr 20
SSC_775 Clarification on applicability condition for the baseline anaerobic lagoons to be at least 1 m deep EB link added 15 Apr 20
SSC_774 Clarification on the determination of the total quantity of purified water using sales receipts for water kiosks under AMS-III.AV. EB link added 15 Jun 20
SSC_773 Inclusion of solar electric cookers as a new technology/measure in a PoA applying AMS-I.E and AMS-II.G, and currently distributing improved biomass cookstoves EB link added 15 Jun 20
SSC_772 Use of regional emission factors from AMS-I.E. in AMS-III.AV. EB link added 15 Jun 20
SSC_771 Clarification on the application of the national standard for project technology under AMS-III.AV. EB link added 28 Jan 20
SSC_770 Clarification on non-renewable biomass in AMS-II.G. EB link added 15 Jun 20
SSC_769 Bio-fuel in scope of Methodology EB link added 15 Jun 20
SSC_768 Clarification on regional emission factor EB link added 28 Jan 20
SSC_767 Clarification on the baseline methodology of AMS-II.E. EB link added 12 Feb 20
SSC_766 Calculation of By savings using equation (5) of AMS-I.E. and determine the proportion of woody biomass fuel use through the number of meals in the baseline survey EB link added 15 Jun 20