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Reference Proposed New Methodology Current Status Last update
NM0235 Manufacturing of energy efficient domestic refrigerators Submission approved 30 Sep 08
NM0234 Kyrgyz Republic natural gas transmission line modernization project Submission not approved 03 Dec 07
NM0233 Palm Methyl Ester – Biodiesel Fuel (PME-BDF) production and use for transportation in Thailand Submission approved 25 Nov 09
NM0232 Use of coke oven gas for production of dimethyl ether in Luliang Fenyang City, Shanxi Province, China Submission not approved 03 Dec 07
NM0231 Waste heat utilization for charge pre-heating in sponge iron manufacturing process at HKMPL, India Submission approved 18 Mar 08
NM0230 Recovery and Utilization of CO2 from Refinery Tail Gas Submission approved 05 Dec 07
NM0229 Metrobus Insurgentes, Mexico City Submission not approved 03 Dec 07
NM0228 AGRENCO Biodiesel Project in Alta Araguaia Submission approved 25 Nov 09
NM0227 Recovery of vented gas at the «Guneshli» oil field in Azerbaijan Submission approved 10 Jan 08
NM0226 Fuel switching from naphtha to natural gas at grid-connected power generation facility of GIPCL, in Vadodara, Gujarat Submission approved 25 Oct 07
NM0225 Replacement of OPC with Supplemental Cementitious Material for production of Concrete at L&T Ready Mix Concrete plants Submission not approved 03 Dec 07
NM0224 Manufacturing of Bio-diesel from Crude Palm oil and Jatropha Oil Submission not approved 24 Oct 07
NM0223 Western Cape Biodiesel Project Submission not approved 26 Jun 07
NM0222 Conversion of SF6 to the Alternative Cover Gas SO2 in Magnesium Production in China Submission approved 13 Feb 08
NM0221 Improved heat rates and capacity enhancement of Gas Turbines at RIL Patalganga, through retrofit for Inlet Air Cooling Submission not approved 26 Jun 07
NM0220 Avoided emissions from biomass wastes through use as feed stock in pulp and paper production, Kunak,Sabah Submission approved 01 Aug 07
NM0219 Production Gas recovery and utilization at Bloque 16 oil field, Ecuador Submission not approved 26 Jun 07
NM0218 Kazakhstan - Karaganda – Utilization of Coal Mine Gas (CMM) in a Flare Submission not approved 26 Jun 07
NM0217 North Karanpura greenfield supercritical coal-fired power project, India Submission approved 20 Sep 07
NM0216-rev Highveld Vanadium-Iron Smelter Energy Efficiency Project Submission not approved 03 Dec 07