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Reference Proposed New Methodology Current Status Last update
NM0255 Baseline and monitoring methodology for new additions to transmission capacity between systems Submission not approved 05 Aug 08
NM0254 Recovery of CO2 from flue gases for productive use in the synthesis of urea at FERTIL’s integrated ammonia-urea facility in Ruwais Submission not approved 05 Aug 08
NM0253 Destilmex fuel ethanol project Submission not approved 05 Aug 08
NM0252 Replacement of SF6 with FK 5-1-12 as a cover gas in the magnesium industry Submission not approved 05 Aug 08
NM0251 South Korea SF6 capture and recycling project Submission approved 26 Mar 09
NM0250 Fès Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) with sludge treatment and biogas recovery & utilization for electricity generation at Fès city, Morocco Submission approved 01 Jun 09
NM0249 Reduction in Emissions in the Manufacture of Phospho-gypsum-based Gypcrete Wall Panel by Gypcrete Building India Ltd. (GBIL) Submission not approved 05 Aug 08
NM0248 Project for useful use of landfill gas actually being flared substituting natural gas Submission approved 17 Feb 09
NM0247 Manufacturing and servicing of refrigerators using low GWP refrigerant by M/s Videocon Appliances Ltd. Submission approved 30 Sep 08
NM0246 Katende Hydroelectric Project Withdrawn 14 Sep 10
NM0245 The 220 MW Egiin Gol Hydroelectric power generation project in Mongolia (The Project or Project activity) Submission not approved 17 Mar 08
NM0244 TNUIFSL- Municipal Street Lighting and Water Pumping Efficiency Improvement Project Submission not approved 05 Aug 08
NM0243 Installation of amorphous transformers in Shandong power distribution grid Submission approved 18 Mar 08
NM0242 Methane Leak Reduction From Natural Gas Pipelines in Georgia Submission not approved 17 Mar 08
NM0241 Pak American Gas Cogeneration project Withdrawn 06 Jul 11
NM0240 Second Interconnection Colombia - Ecuador 230 kV Submission not approved 03 Dec 07
NM0239 Environmental passive mitigation through the management of the swine manure by a Regional Sanitation Plant in the Santa Catarina State, Brazil Submission approved 01 Dec 08
NM0238 Point of use Abatement Device to Reduce SF6 Emissions in LCD Manufacturing Operations Submission not approved 17 Mar 08
NM0237 EDSA Bus Dispatch System, Manila, Philippines Submission not approved 03 Dec 07
NM0236 Methodology for mine methane capture and destruction in underground, hard rock, precious and base metal mines Submission approved 05 Dec 07