Finalized requests for clarification on approved large scale methodologies

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Reference Request for clarification Current Status Last update
AM_CLA_0269 Monitoring of FFCj and FCCj compared to AM0025 EB link added 28 Jul 15
AM_CLA_0268 Applicability of ACM0019(ver.2.0) for facility revamping of a HNO3 production increase EB link added 28 Jul 15
AM_CLA_0267 Calculation of EGpj,y and monitoring in the case of a capacity addition hydro power plant CDM project which was also subject to a retrofit that is not included in the CDM scope EB link added 28 Jul 15
AM_CLA_0266 Clarification on the applicability of ACM0002 to a rehabilitation hydro project when the project activity electricity generation is lower than the historical generation data EB link added 24 Apr 15
AM_CLA_0265 Procedure to determine the amount of methane that would have been captured and destroyed (by flaring) in the baseline (FCH4,BL,y) EB link added 24 Apr 15
AM_CLA_0264 Clarification on the approved methodology ACM0016 version 03 regarding application of Step 3 (to demonstrate additionality) of the methodology to a proposed PoA EB link added 02 Dec 14
AM_CLA_0263 AM0028 correct application of IPCC default value EB link added 02 Dec 14
AM_CLA_0262 Monitoring of εproject,i in case of application of Option D as per ACM009 version 4.0.0 page 6 EB link added 02 Dec 14
AM_CLA_0261 Clarification on the application of combined tool and on classification of cargo transported EB link added 02 Dec 14
AM_CLA_0260 Applicability of ACM0014 when the biogas extracted from the anaerobic digester is used to obtain Bio-CNG to be used in transportation applications under AMS-III.AQ. EB link added 02 Dec 14
AM_CLA_0259 Applicability of the oxidation factor for ex-ante baseline emissions calculation EB link added 02 Dec 14
AM_CLA_0258 Clarification on the approved methodology AM0087 version 02 regarding applicability for a new Coal Bed Methane based power plant supplying electricity to the grid or a single customer EB link added 04 Jun 14
AM_CLA_0257 Clarification on Annex 1 option 1 & option 2 of ACM0012 version 4.0.0 EB link added 25 Feb 14
AM_CLA_0256 Clarification on definition of Element Process and application of Baseline Scenarios for Heat Generation in Waste Energy Recovery Projects EB link added 25 Feb 14
AM_CLA_0255 Revision of emission reduction calculation EB link added 25 Feb 14
AM_CLA_0254 Applicability of ACM0002 to existing hydropower plants increasing electricity generation through the construction of a new reservoir EB link added 25 Feb 14
AM_CLA_0253 ldentification of plausible baseline scenarios and calculation of fugitive CHa emissions for CDM projects developed in countries included in the Southern African Power Pool (such as Mozambique) EB link added 25 Feb 14
AM_CLA_0252 Clarification for the ex-post determination of FCH4,EL,y by taking into account particular monitoring requirements as defined in item 33 a) of ACM0001 ver. 15 EB link added 25 Feb 14
AM_CLA_0251 Are we able to use a large scale methodology for a small scale project? EB link added 17 May 17
AM_CLA_0250 Application of baseline scenarios for heat generation in waste energy recovery projects EB link added 18 Nov 13