AMS-I.J.: Solar water heating systems (SWH) --- Version 2.0

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Title Solar water heating systems (SWH) (246 KB)
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Version number
Scale Small scale
Type I
Status Active
Validity Valid from 31 Aug 18 onwards
Sectoral scope(s) 1
Previous Versions
Title Solar water heating systems (SWH) (212 KB)
Version number 1.0
Validity Valid from 15 Apr 11 to 30 Aug 18
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Sectoral scope(s) 1
Clarifications/Revisions* Clarification on the auxiliary heating system under AMS-I.J (submitted 28 Jul 11): SSC_560 (189 KB)
Revision of AMS-I.J to include an alternative approach for energy savings determination (submitted 12 Sep 11): SSC_568 (188 KB)
Clarification on the combination of AMS-I.J and AMS III.Q for PoAs (submitted 07 Jun 12): SSC_639 (154 KB)
Clarification on a combination of methods for determining energy savings under AMS-I.J (submitted 08 Oct 12): SSC_668 (114 KB)

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