CDM Help Desk


The CDM Help Desk was created to improve regional distribution of the clean development mechanism and to better enable under-represented countries to realise the benefits of the CDM.

The CDM help desk allows CDM project participants, developers, coordinating and/or managing entities (CMEs), designated national authorities (DNAs) and designated operational entities (DOEs) to get reliable and timely information from the secretariat on issues regarding their CDM projects.

The help desk is only available to stakeholders in Africa, least developed countries (LDCs), small island developing states (SIDS) and countries that had 10 or fewer registered CDM projects as of 31 December 2010. The help desk is open to any query regarding projects from targeted countries, so long as the project is in the process of validation or verification. Check whether your project is in a country eligible for support via the help desk.

Additional information

Stakeholders with CDM Projects in other countries can still contact the secretariat to clarify policy issues via, using CDM-COM-FORM, available here.

Instructions on how to use the CDM Help Desk

Stakeholders needing technical assistance with their CDM project activity or programme in these targeted countries may contact the secretariat via:, using CDM-COM-FORM, available here

All queries will receive an acknowledgement of receipt and a response from the help desk team within 15 working days.


Potential users of the help desk should bear in mind the following:
  • Support from the CDM Help Desk is an independent activity from the registration and issuance process. Assistance from the help desk is no guarantee of registration or issuance of CERs. CDM projects that receive assistance from the help desk shall comply with all the relevant requirements related to requests for registration or issuance of CERs.
  • Receiving advice via the help desk on a specific issue is no guarantee that the same issue will not be flagged in the registration and issuance process.