UNFCCC/CDM International Photo Contest 2008

The winners are ...
TITLE: Catching the Sun

CDM PROJECT: 0079: Kuyasa low-cost urban housing energy upgrade project, Khayelitsha (Cape Town; South Africa)

This photo shows one of a number of Kuyasa residents who were selected, trained and have been employed as solar hot water installers.
TITLE: Outside the Window ...

CDM PROJECT: 1261: Guohua Inner Mongolia Huitengliang Wind Farm Project

Pony power meets wind power in Inner Mongolia.
THIRD PLACE: Adeel Halim
TITLE: Indian Sugar Power

CDM PROJECT: 0826: Bagasse based Co-generation Power Project at Khatauli

A boy helps himself to a stalk of sugarcane from a truck in northern India. Carbon finance has enabled the installation of hi-tech equipment at the Khatauli Sugar Factory, which now uses the waste bagasse, the fibre left over after the sugar manufacturing process, as a fuel to generate clean renewable power. As well as producing approximately 90,000 tonnes of emissions reductions each year, the project has also led to increased incomes for local farmers who now earn a benefit from what previously waste. The photo was commissioned by Climate Care, which provided financing for the project.
FOURTH PLACE: Pedro Guinle
TITLE: Mount Bagasse

CDM PROJECT: 0043: Lucélia Bagasse Cogeneration Project (LBCP)

This mountain of bagasse, by-product from sugar manufacture, will be burned to generate electricity, displacing fossil-fuel used to generate electricity. The project is located in a small city, of about 20,000 people, in São Paulo State, Brazil. The project stimulates the company, Lucélia, to continue improving its business and investing in activities beyond its core business. Project employees and local people are encouraged to improve their job qualifications in order to operate high tech equipment. In this regard, the company is an important job creator and helps improve quality of life.

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