CDM African Radio Contest 2011


In 2011, broadcasters and freelancers from Africa were invited to grab their microphone and recording device and create a compelling, exciting radio story that answered the following question: “How can my community/city/country benefit from the CDM?” The resulting stories were judged in the first annual African Radio Contest, aimed at raising awareness of climate change issues and the CDM in Africa.

All nine short-listed contestants were invited to the 2011 UN climate change conference in Durban, South Africa where they attended media workshops and learned more about climate change and the CDM.

UNFCCC Radio Contest Rules

Please stay tuned for more information on the 2012 African Radio Contest. For more details on the contest, read the Terms and Conditions.

2011 African Radio Contest Winners
Changing Lives Changing Lives

First Place: Emmanuel Okella from Uganda First Place: Emmanuel Okella from Uganda

This story discusses the devastating 2007 floods in Uganda, and the recent reforestation and sustainable development efforts implemented to prevent future floods. These efforts could be a good model for future CDM projects in the country.

Second Place: David Mwanza from Zambia Second Place: David Mwanza from Zambia

This story details the usage of coal to fuel cook stoves in Zambia. Coal is an inefficient and ineffective heating source, and through the help of a CDM project, Zambia is now beginning to distribute efficient cook stoves.

Third Place: Ugochi Anyaka from Nigeria Third Place: Ugochi Anyaka from Nigeria

This story introduces the small scale production of paper briquettes from waste paper in Nigeria and debates whether this type of project could/should be approved as a CDM project activity.