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         This page contains regulatory documents that were approved by the CDM Executive Board at its ninety-fourth  meeting (EB94) and documents published, revised or updated after EB94.

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StandardCurrent version
Sampling and surverys for CDM project activities and programme of activities
(enter into force on 1 June 2017)




 GlossaryCurrent version
Glossary: CDM terms



Information NoteCurrent version
Calendar of meetings for 2017 Ver02.0



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FormsCurrent version
CDM-MOC-FORM Modalities of communication statement 
Ver03.0 pdf msword 
CDM-PDD-FORM Project design document form Ver09.0 pdf msword
CDM-PoA-DD-FORM Programme design document form for CDM programme of activities Ver07.0 pdf msword
CDM-CPA-DD-FORM Component project activity design document form Ver06.0 pdf msword

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