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Current Version
Non-linking of payments to the final outcome of validation or verification/certification activities
Access to technical experts and demonstration of competence
On-the-job performance evaluation of DOE personnel Ver01.0

** Important Announcement **

The Executive Board of the CDM, at its 108th meeting (EB 108), agreed on temporary measures pending guidance from the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol at its sixteenth session, for the following submissions:

  • Requests for registration of project activities and programmes of activities (PoAs), renewal of crediting periods and PoA periods, and inclusion and renewal of crediting periods of component project activities that have a crediting period or PoA period starting on or after 1 January 2021;
  • Requests for issuance of certified emission reductions for emission reductions achieved on or after 1 January 2021.

The Executive Board of the CDM, at its 109th meeting (EB 109), adopted a clarification on the application of these temporary measures at the regulatory and operational levels.

For more details of the temporary measures, please refer to paragraphs 7−8 of the meeting report of EB 108 and paragraphs 8-11 of the meeting report of EB 109.


       Large Scale
Current Version
Clarification to ACM0012 (version 04.0.0): Consolidated baseline methodology for GHG emission reduction from waste energy recovery projects Ver01.0
Clarification on the approved consolidated methodology ACM0012 version 03.2 regarding CDM project activities that recover waste energy in greenfield facilities Ver01.0
EB61 Annex05
Clarification to AM0034 (version 02): Catalytic reduction of N2O inside the ammonia burner of nitric acid plants Ver01.0
EB51 Annex12
Definition of biomass and consideration of changes in carbon pools due to a CDM project activity Ver01.0
EB20 Annex08
Eligibility of activities under the CDM EB33 Para30
Further clarifications on methodological issues
  • A. Clarifications on how, through the methodology, it may be demonstrated that a project is additional and therefore not the baseline scenario
  • B. Clarifications for describing a proposed new methodology and justifying the selection of the most appropriate approach from those contained in paragraph 48 of the CDM modalities and procedures
  • C. Clarifications on the ex post calculation of baselines
  • D. Link between baseline monitoring methodologies
EB10 Annex01
Further clarifications on methodological issues
  • A. Clarification for project participants for drafting a proposal for a new methodology
  • B. Clarification on baseline methodologies for electricity generation CDM projects
  • C. Guidance to the Methodologies Panel on formulating recommendations to the Board
EB09 Annex03
Issues relating to baseline and monitoring methodologies
  • A. Guidance on elements to be included in a baseline methodology
  • B. Guidance on the approach contained in para. 48 c. of the CDM modalities and procedures for selecting baseline methodologies
  • C. Proposed project activities applying more than one methodology
  • D. Circumstances and modalities for operationalizing para. 47 of the CDM modalities and procedures
  • E. Guidance regarding the treatment of "existing"and "newly built" facilities
EB08 Annex01
Negative emission reductions EB21 Para18
Reference to the Tool for the demonstration and assessment of additionality EB21 Para17
Type of GHGs to be considered in accounting for project and leakage emissions EB34 Para17
Use of regression analysis in methodologies Ver01.0
EB21 Annex07
       Small Scale
Current Version
Clarification on the applicability of small-scale CDM project activity thresholds at the renewal of the crediting period of a small-scale project activity or a CPA Ver01.0
Clarification on the approved methodology AMS-III.C version 13 regarding the requirements for demonstrating comparability of project and baseline vehicles Ver01.0
EB62 Annex12
Clarification on the approved methodology AMS-III.Q version 04 regarding the requirement for recovery of waste gas/heat/pressure to be a new initiative Ver01.0
EB61 Annex20
Clarification related to fuel switch project activities in transport sector EB36 Para47
       Afforestation and Reforestation
Current Version
Afforestation/Reforestation (A/R) in the baseline scenario Ver01.0
EB24 Annex19
Clarifications regarding ex-ante estimations of actual net GHG removals by sinks and identification and justification of most likely baseline scenario Ver01.0
EB21 Annex20
Clarifications regarding methodologies for A/R CDM project activities Ver01.0
EB22 Annex15
Definition of biomass and consideration of changes in carbon pools due to a CDM project activity Ver01.0
EB20 Annex08
Definition of renewable biomass Ver01.0
EB23 Annex18
Provisions of paragraph 11 of the annex to Dec. 6/CMP.1 may be applied to bundles of SSC A/R project activities created for the purpose of validation that possibly exceed the limit for net GHG removals by sinks as defined in paragraph 1 (i) of Dec. 5/CMP.1 EB32/33 Paras41/39
When to request revision, clarification to an approved methodology or a deviation for project participants EB31 Para43
Project Cycle
Current Version
New project activity in the same physical or geographical location at which a project activity whose crediting period has expired existed Ver02.0
Renewal of crediting period of registered CDM project activity that has not been implemented in the first crediting period Ver01.0

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