Register a project activity

In accordance with the modalities and procedures for the CDM:
"Registration is the formal acceptance by the Executive Board of a validated project as a CDM project activity. Registration is the prerequisite for the verification, certification and issuance of CERs related to that project activity". paragraph 36 (a) Annex decision 3/CMP.1 (735 KB)

The Designated Operational Entity shall;

  • Submit CDM Project Activity Registration Form
    Submit the request for registration in line with the CDM Project Cycle Procedure through a dedicated web-interface using the form (F-CDM-REG) for CDM project activities or (F-CDM-PoA-REG) for programme of activities. The registration request should include all documents listed in the applicable checklists which are published here together with the CDM Project Cycle Procedure. The documentation should include the updated Project Design Document (PDD) and the written approval of the host Party as referred to in paragraph 40 (a) Annex decision 3/CMP.1.
  • Pay Registration Fee
    Guidance on the fee schedule for CDM project activities is available in Appendix 1 of the CDM Project Cycle Procedure.
    • The Board, at its eighth meeting, further clarified that the date of receipt of a request for registration is the date when the deposit of the registration fee indicated in the registration form has been received by the secretariat.
    • The banking information required for the payment of the registration fee must be obtained from the DOE validating your project.

  • The Registration

    After a registration request is submitted by the DOE and the registration fee is paid, the secretariat endeavours to begin the registration process as soon as possible. The first step is the completeness check, scheduled for 7 days, followed by the information and reporting check, scheduled for 23 days. The relevant checklists may be viewed here

    If a registration request does not meet the checking-requirements, it is considered incomplete and the responsible DOE and project participants are notified accordingly. In this case, the registration request may be re-submitted with revised documentation, and will then be treated as a new submission.

    Only after the successful completion of both checks is the registration request published on the CDM website and presented to the CDM Executive Board. Parties involved in the project or members of the CDM Executive Board may request a review of any project within the first 28 days of publication. If a Party involved or at least three members of the CDM Executive Board do so, the registration request will go under review. Otherwise, the secretariat will take action to register the project.

    When it is determined that a registration request will go under review, the review will be made in accordance with section V.B. of the CDM Project Cycle Procedure

  • Starting date of a CDM project activity
    The starting date of a CDM project activity is the date at which the implementation or construction or real action of a project activity begins.