Propose a new methodology

  • No new submissions of development, revision and clarification of afforestation and reforestation (A/R) methodologies and A/R methodological tools can be processed, as the A/R CDM modalities and procedures are not in effect after 31 December 2020. 

  • Dates of CCS WG meetings in 2024 to be decided where triggered through the receipt of relevant submissions.

If you wish to propose a new methodology for the CDM Executive Board to consider and approve, please submit the following documents (in MS Word and PDF formats) to the UNFCCC secretariat:

    1. The duly completed "New baseline and monitoring methodology proposal" form* (CDM-PNM-FORM );
    2. The proposed new methodology using the relevant form (CDM-NM-FORM, CDM-SSC-NM-FORM, CDM-AR-NM-FORM or CDM-CCS-NM-FORM);

    3. The draft project design document (PDD) of the planned CDM project activity or the draft programme design document (PoA-DD) of the planned PoA that intends to apply the proposed new methodology, using the relevant PDD or PoA-DD form with at least the following sections of the form and relevant appendices completed, applying the proposed new methodology:
      1. For planned CDM project activities:
        1. Description of project activity;
        2. Application of selected approved baseline and monitoring methodology;
        3. Duration and crediting period;
      2. For planned CDM PoAs:
        1. General description of PoA;
        2. Demonstration of additionality and development of eligibility criteria;
        3. Duration of PoA;
        4. General description of a generic CPA;
        5. Application of a baseline and monitoring methodology.

* For relevant forms, please go here.