Use an approved Methodology

Project participants willing to validate / register a CDM project activity shall:
  • use a methodology previously approved by the Executive Board; or
  • propose a new methodology to the Executive Board for consideration and approval, if appropriate (please see below to propose a new methodology)

In accordance with the modalities and procedures for a CDM Decision 3/CMP.1 (735 KB) :

 "37. The designated operational entity selected by project participants to validate a project activity, being under a contractual arrangement with them, shall review the project design document and any supporting documentation to confirm that the following requirements have been met:


   (e) The baseline and monitoring methodologies comply with requirementspertaining to:

    (i) Methodologies previously approved by the ExecutiveBoard; or

    (ii) Modalities and procedures for establishing anew methodology, as set out in paragraph 38 below;