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Programme of Activities 00010186: Accelerating Electrification through Grid Extension and Off-Grid Electrification in Rural Areas of Uganda
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ISSUANCE STATUS Issued   | info & rep check: concluded
Issuance date 01 Oct 2019
Monitoring period 28 Aug 2015 - 03 May 2017
Monitoring report 10186_MR_MP1_ver05.pdf (1005 KB)
Request for issuance signed form.pdf (222 KB)
Issuance request number 10186-MP1-IRP1
Amount of CERs
Host Party CERs issued CP2 CERs available to be forwarded under CP2
Uganda 2,210 1,491
Serial Range: Block start: UG-5-6411463-2-2-0-10186     Block end: UG-5-6413672-2-2-0-10186  
Verification and certification reports VVS/VVM version: VVS-PoA 2.0
10186_FVerR_MP1_v2.0_tc.pdf (535 KB)
10186_FVerR_MP1_v2.0_tc.pdf (535 KB)
Additional documents 10186_Emission Reduction Worksheet for MR 1 V2.xlsx (1426 KB)
Uganda Grid Emission Factor v3.0.xlsx (48 KB)
2019-06-14 S01-F039_INC_R1.pdf (354 KB)

Previous submissions

Submission date Outcome
16 Apr 19 CC complete
16 Apr 19 I&R incomplete