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Programme of Activities 00008142: MicroEnergy Credits Microfinance for Clean Energy Product Lines - Mongolia
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Issuance date 17 Nov 2017
Monitoring period 01 May 2016 - 30 Apr 2017
Monitoring report 8142_MP3-MR1.pdf (364 KB)
Request for issuance Iss_form09.pdf (46 KB)
Issuance request number 8142-MP3-IRP1
Initial issuance request number MP3-MR1
Amount of CERs
Host Party CERs issued CP2 CERs available to be forwarded under CP2
Mongolia 46,045 0
Serial Range: Block start: MN-5-699178-2-2-0-8142     Block end: MN-5-745222-2-2-0-8142  
Verification and certification reports VVS/VVM version: VVS 9.0
PoA8142_Verification report_CPA1_MP3-MR1.pdf (1059 KB)
PoA8142_Certification report_CPA1_MP3-MR1.pdf (1059 KB)
Additional documents Monitoring Report_2016-17_CPA1_v5_post CC_TC.pdf (453 KB)
PoA8142_Annex-1 - ER Calculations _HES-2016-17_CPA1_MP3-MR1_v2.xlsx (32 MB)