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Programme of Activities 00005979: Methane recovery and combustion with renewable energy generation from anaerobic animal manure management systems under the Land Bank of the Philippines‘s (LBP) Carbon Finance Support Facility
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ISSUANCE STATUS Issued   completeness check: complete | info & rep check: concluded
Issuance date 16 Jun 2022
Monitoring period 01 Jun 2019 - 31 Dec 2019
Monitoring report PoA5979_MR1 CP2v2 audit-revised templat v5_1.4 clean.pdf (502 KB)
Request for issuance 5979-MP1_CDM-PoA-ISS-FORM_signed.pdf (119 KB)
Issuance request number 5979-P2-MP1-IRP1
Amount of CERs
Host Party CERs issued CP2 CERs available to be forwarded under CP2
Philippines 1,827 0
Serial Range: Block start: PH-5-4255393-2-2-0-5979     Block end: PH-5-4257219-2-2-0-5979  
Verification and certification reports VVS/VVM version: VVS-PoA 3.0
FVR_21IQ10MD_rev1.1Aa_CP2_r2.pdf (647 KB)
FCR_21IQ10MD_rev1.1Aa_CP2_r2.pdf (647 KB)
Additional documents POA 5979 CPA-01 ERclean CP2 v2 clean.xlsx (563 KB)

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