Submissions by DNAs for recommendation on Special Underdeveloped Zones (SUZs)

In accordance with the Procedure: Submission and consideration of microscale renewable energy technologies for automatic additionality, the DNAs may propose SUZs in its own country to the Board for approval.

The DNA submitting the proposal shall send, via email to, the following documentation:

(a) The duly completed "Proposed special underdeveloped zone submission form" (CDM-SUZ-FORM);

(b) The most recent public available data, which in any case must not be older than three years from the date of submission indicating the source of the data, on:

(i) The proportion (percentage) of population with income less than USD 2 per day (adjusted by PPP) in the region;

(ii) The GNI per capita in the country;

(iii) The demonstration that the population of the region is among the poorest 20 per cent in the poverty ranking of the country as per applicable national policies and procedures;

(iv) The proportion of the population in the region with income less than the national poverty line used by the host country for reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals;

(c) Any additional documentation supporting the submission (e.g. relevant data, documentation, statistics, studies, etc.), where applicable.

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