Review Request Form
Submitted Request for Review Form (Version 03.0)
Title and UNFCCC reference number
of the project activity or
programme of activities (PoA)
9007: "Distribution of Improved Cook Stoves in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Please indicate the relevant requirement(s) for which you have reasonable concern about whether the project activity or PoA complies,
by checking the appropriate box and specifying the relevant requirement(s) in the list below.

Please elaborate the reason for requesting a review on the issues you indicated in section 2 above

1) Refer to paragraph: Paragraph 385 of VVS-PoA.

As per the updated PoA-DD, the additionality of the CPAs to be included will be demonstrated as per paragraphs 12 (a) and 12 (b) of tool 19 (Demonstration of additionality of microscale project activities, version 09.0). For  demonstrating that a CPA is implemented in rural area defined as a Special underdeveloped zone (SUZ) of the host country (paragraph 12(a), the DOE validated that the condition under paragraph 10 (b) (iii) of Tool 19 version 9 (i.e. The proportion of population in the region with income less than the national poverty line used by the host country for reporting on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) is greater than 50 per cent) based on survey reports by Ghana Statistical Service and UNCEF (for Ghana); reports by National Bureau of Statistics and World Bank (for Nigeria) and reports by Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency and World Bank (for Zimbabwe). Further, for CPAs which do not qualify the above conditions, additionality shall be demonstrated in line with Figure 2 of the Tool 19. The DOE is requested to explain how it validated the additionality of the CPAs to be included and the conditions to demonstrate the additionality of the CPAs, as:

(a) The PoA-DD does not establish the SUZ as per paragraph 10(b) of Tool 19 which requires that SUZ is a region in the host country identified by the government in official notifications for development assistance. The PoA-DD classifies rural areas in the host countries as SUZ based on the surveys/reports which are not in accordance with the definition of the SUZ as per paragraph 10(b) of the Tool 19 version 9;

(b) For CPAs which do not qualify under paragraph 12 of Tool 19 version 9, the PoA-DD and eligibility criteria have not described how the additionality will be demonstrated , in particular which tool(s) and which method(s) to be used to demonstrate additionality, and how the additionality will be demonstrated by the CPAs, including the conditions to be fulfilled in order to demonstrate the additionality in the eligibility criteria.