Review Request Form
Submitted Request for Review Form (Version 03.0)
Title and UNFCCC reference number
of the project activity or
programme of activities (PoA)
8480: "Distribution of ONIL Stoves—Guatemala"
Please indicate the relevant requirement(s) for which you have reasonable concern about whether the project activity or PoA complies,
by checking the appropriate box and specifying the relevant requirement(s) in the list below.

Please elaborate the reason for requesting a review on the issues you indicated in section 2 above

1) Refer to paragraph: paragraph 378 of VVS-PoA

The additionality of the CPAs that will be included in the second PoA renewal period will be demonstrated either following: (i) paragraph 12 (a) of Tool 19 (Demonstration of additionality of microscale project activities, version 09.0), i.e. if the CPA area falls under special underdeveloped zone (SUZ) category within Guatemala (as defined under paragraph 10 (b) of Tool 19); (ii) paragraph 12 (b) of Tool 19, i.e. if the project cookstove technology is less than or equal to 5% technologies prevalent in the project area providing similar services; (iii) Tool 21 “Demonstration of additionality of small- scale project activities”, for CPAs not qualifying under paragraphs 12 (a) or (b) of tool 19. The DOE is requested to explain how it validated the additionality of the CPAs and the conditions to demonstrate the additionality of the CPAs, as:
(a) The eligibility criterion 6 on additionality does not include official notifications as evidence to demonstrate the SUZ for inclusion of the CPAs which demonstrate additionality following paragraph 12 (a) of Tool 19;
(b) The PoA-DD has not described this procedure to determine the penetration of proposed technology/measure which is outlined in appendix of Tool 19;
(c) For CPAs which do not qualify under paragraph 12 (a) or 12 (b) of Tool 19, the PoA-DD or eligibility criterion 6 on additionality does not: (i) provide an explanation to show that the project activity would not have occurred anyway due to at least one of the barriers listed under paragraph 10 of Tool 21; (ii) describe how the additionality will be demonstrated by the CPAs, including the conditions to be fulfilled in order to demonstrate the additionality.


2) Refer to paragraph: paragraph 382(b) of VVS-PoA

Pages 27, 30 and 31 of the PoA-DD mentions that the details of the survey can be found in baseline survey report being submitted along with PoA-DD. However, there is no baseline survey report submitted with the PoA-DD or request for renewal.