Call for input on the draft revision of the methodologies "AMS-II.G., AMS-I.L., and AMS-III.R." (09 to 24 September 2014, 24:00 GMT)

The SSC WG sought inputs on the top-down revision of the approved methodologies: 

  • “AMS-II.G: Energy efficiency measures in thermal applications of non-renewable biomass”
  • “AMS-I.L: Electrification of rural communities using renewable energy”
  • “AMS-III.R: Methane recovery in agricultural activities at household/small farm level”

The draft revisions aim to include a menu of options for eligibility criteria for inclusion of CPAs into a PoA to facilitate the work of CMEs.

Stakeholders were invited to provide their inputs on the draft revisions of the methodologies, as contained in annexes 14 - 16 of the report of the 45th meeting of the SSC WG. Stakeholders were invited to provide their inputs in the commenting table found here.

The scope of the public input shall include but is not limited to text highlighted in the draft revised methodology.

The call for inputs from stakeholders was open from 09 to 24 September 2014 (24:00GMT).

The public inputs will be taken into account when preparing the draft revised methodology to be recommended to the Board at a future SSC WG meeting.