Call for public input on the new tool "TOOLXX: Repository of default factors", (21 February to 7 March 2022, 23:59 CEST)

The Methodologies Panel (MP) is seeking inputs on the revision of the new methodological tool “TOOLXX: Repository of default factors”, as contained in MP 87 Annex 03.

This work was carried out in response to the mandate by the Board at its 111th meeting (EB 111 report, para. 25) to update the default factors in methodologies that are found to be not conservative or accurate in accordance with the latest science.

The scope of the public input shall include but is not limited to the highlighted text.

Stakeholders are invited to provide their inputs on the methodology in the commenting table found here.

The call for inputs from stakeholders was open 21 February to 7 March 2022, 23:59 CEST)

The public inputs will be taken into account when preparing the final draft of the methodology to be recommended to the Board.