Call for input on the guideline "Use of the CDM in urban sectors" (28 July to 11 August 2017, 24:00 GMT)

The Methodologies Panel (MP) was seeking inputs on the draft guideline "Use of the CDM in urban sectors", as contained in MP 73 Annex 15

The Board requested the MP in consultation with the SSC WG and the secretariat, to develop guidelines to facilitate the development of CDM project activities and PoAs in the urban context, providing best practice examples in a PoA design document (PoA-DD) template, for its consideration at a future meeting.

Stakeholders were invited to provide their inputs on the guideline in the commenting table found here.

The call for inputs from stakeholders was open from 28 July to 11 August 2017, 24:00 GMT.

The public inputs will be taken into account when preparing the final draft guideline to be recommended to the Board at a future meeting.