Call for input on the draft revision of the methodological tool "Project and leakage emissions for biomass" (TOOL16 version 2.0) (29 April to 14 May 2016, 24:00 GMT)

The MP was seeking inputs on the revision of the approved methodological tool:

“Project and leakage emissions for biomass” (TOOL16 version 2.0) MP69 Annex 13

The Board requested the MP at its 87th meeting (EB87 report, para. 47) to revise the “Methodological tool: Project and leakage emissions for biomass” (TOOL16 version 2.0) by broadening its applicability to cover biomass cultivated on land where there was a cultivated forest at the end of its last rotation, as it is currently allowed in methodology AM0082.

The draft revisions agreed by the MP are summarized as follows:

(a)  The introduction of non-binding best practice examples on the applicability of the tool;

(b)  A revision of the applicability conditions to specify that the tool is not applicable to land that contains forests in unmanaged soils (natural forests) or to land that contains organic soils within the project boundary;

(c)  Expand the applicability to cover land with a forest plantation in its last rotation;

(d)  Clarity is provided regarding the accounting of emissions from the loss of soil organic carbon.

Stakeholders were invited to provide their inputs on the draft revision of the methodology, in the commenting table found here.

The scope of the public input included but was not limited to text highlighted in the draft revision of the methodological tool.

The call for inputs from stakeholders was open from 29 April to 14 May 2016 (24:00GMT).

The public inputs will be taken into account when preparing the draft revised methodological tool to be recommended to the Board at a future meeting.

Submission Date Submission
10 May 2016 at 14:06 GMT+2 Xiaodong Jia (51 KB)