Call for input on the concept note on "Broadly applicable methodology for transport applications" (17 December 2015 to 27 January 2016, 24:00 GMT)

On behalf of the Meth Panel and the SSC WG, the secretariat was seeking input on “Broadly applicable methodology for transport applications” with the aim to jointly develop a proposal on the development of new and revision of existing specific methodologies. Background to the issue is contained in annex 12 of the annotated agenda of the eighty-sixth meeting of the CDM Executive Board and paragraph 39 of the eighty-sixth meeting report of the CDM Executive Board.

Stakeholders were invited to provide inputs on the issue, using the commenting table found here.

The scope of the public inputs included but was not limited to issues and initial proposals indicated in the concept note. The inputs on specific areas with potential for the development of viable CDM projects/programmes were of special interest for (the determination of) further methodological work (e.g. developing new methodologies or revision to approved methodologies).

The call for inputs from stakeholders was open from 17 December 2015 to 27 January 2016, 24:00 GMT.

The public inputs will be considered at the 69th meeting of Meth Panel and 50th meeting of the SSC WG.

Submission Date Submission
26 January 2016 at 13:30 GMT+1 Eric Keogh (742 KB)