Urban Methodologies for the built environment Workshop

Urban Methodologies for the built environment Workshop

UNFCCC Headquarters, Haus Carstanjen,

Bonn, Germany

27-28 March 2014

Provisional agenda  (321 KB)

List of participants  (110 KB)

Workshop report (202 KB)


Session 1

 Existing mechanisms for Buildings and Applications (CDM, NAMA)

1. Overview of recent work under the CDM- Methodologies, PoAs, Standardized Baselines– Gajanana Hegde, UNFCCC (2396 KB)

2. Recent developments under the NAMA – Claudio Forner, UNFCCC (1054 KB)


Session 2

Practitioner’s perspectives 

1. V-NAMA methodology – Axel Olearius, GIZ (3767 KB)

2. Implementing CDM projects/PoAs- what worked well, what needs improvement? – Steve Thorne, Southsouthnorth (5919 KB) 

Session 3

Methodologies for Buildings 

Introduction to the session – Massamba Thioye, UNFCCC

1. Markets & mechanisms - developments inside and outside the UNFCCC negotiations – Niclas Svenningsen, UNFCCC (2842 KB)

2. Approaches to baseline setting and MRV under the CDM – Victoria Novikova, UNFCCC  (647 KB)

3. Buildings and NAMAs – Perumal Arumugam, UNFCCC  (2154 KB)

Session 4

Methodologies for Buildings (contd)

1. Approaches to standardization- Kishor Rajhansa, UNFCCC  (801 KB)

2. MRV- Common Carbon Metric – Rajat Gupta, Oxford Brookes University; Jens Laustsen, GBPN (3649 KB) 

Session 5

Urban CDM Approach to the development of a Low-Carbon Liveable City 

1. Urban CDM efforts undertaken by the Korean Environment Institute and Urban environmental Accord (UEA), in collaboration with UNEP – Dr. Lee, KEI (2225 KB)

2. UEA/Gwangju approach to Low-carbon Liveable city – Professor Kim, UEA (6239 KB) 

Session 6

UNEP Urban CDM Handbook Recommendations – Introduction to the Handbook and moderation by Stéphane Pouffary, ENERGIES 2050 (3009 KB)