Finalized requests for clarification and revision of approved small scale A/R methodologies

To submit a request for clarification or revision of an approved SSC and A/R SSC methodology, please send an email to using the designated form.

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Reference Request for clarification and revision Current Status Last update
SSC_AR_010 Clarification on the guidance to be used to prove ‘Barriers due to prevailing practice’ as allowed for in Methodology AR-AMS0007 (version 3.0) EB link added 17 May 17
SSC_AR_009 Errors and clarification for small scale A-R methodology and tool for trees and shrubs EB link added 17 May 17
SSC_AR_008 Application tools for tree and shrub in small-scale A/R methodology EB link added 15 May 12
SSC_AR_007 Applicability of methodology for project implementation on croplands and whether project activities are required to lead to establishment of forest Final Response published 07 Sep 11
SSC_AR_006 Query regarding use of basal diameter of stem or root collar diameter in developing species-specific allometric equations for calculating above-ground biomass of a living tree Final Response published 19 Aug 10
SSC_AR_005 Declaration on low-income communities and individuals as per AR-CDM requirement Final Response published 30 Jun 10
SSC_AR_004 Implication of including palm in the national CDM forest definition on the status of AR CDM project
SSC_AR_003 Applicability concerning soil disturbance as a result of soil preparation
SSC_AR_002 Clarification request on definition of Reforestation activity
SSC_AR_001 Calculation of biomass in the baseline